Sunday, January 14, 2007

I am in love....

...with my kids' new rooms! I have spend much of the week repainting/redecorating their rooms, and I LOVE THEM! My friend Kristie helped me with all the painting! Thanks Kristie!~ :)

Malichi's room:

Malichi's room was like a greenish gray before, and it was just so dark and boring. I love it now! So cheery! :) I still have to get stuff for his walls to put up. It's a little bare right now. I am thinking a trip to Ikea will be in order! :)

Kinzie's room:

I repainted a bunch of Kinzie's stuff to match the new colors in her room, and they turned out so cute! :) I got some white letters spelling her name to put above her bed too. I am going to alter them, and make em all cutesy first though!

I am so glad their rooms are DONE! :) 24 starts tonight, and I am so looking forward to relaxing and watching the 2 hour premier! I definitly need some down time!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Christmas Layouts

Look at me being all on top of things!!! I've actually gotten Christmas photos scrapped only a couple of weeks after Christmas! Yay me! Now just to get back to those Halloween layouts! :)
Here is what I've been busy with:

Our Tree:
our tree
Background paper: IOD figgy pudding kit from DST
other papers: Holly McCaig's Fall Velvet also from DST
stitching: Holly McCaig
Vintage Labels: Holly McCaig @ MDM
Corduroy Alpha (recolored): Me (Shannon Lee Designs)
Frames: Nancy Comelab @ MDM)

Home for the Holidays:
home for the holidays
papers: Meredith Fenwick
Stitching: Katie Pertiet
Shadow frames: Nancy Comelab @ MDM
flowers: Shannon Carlson and Holly McCaig
Journaling paper: Catrine
Pinned Ribbon: Natalie Braxton

Christmas Eve:
christmas eve
Tree, stickpin, snowflake brads, striped paper: Blissful Holday by Shannon Carlson (Shannon Lee Designs or MDM)
alpha: MissTiina Designs
flourish: 2peas
background paper: Meredith Fenwick (recolored)
Ribbon bow and scallops: Gina Miller

Share the Spirit:
share in the spirit
Nancy Comelab photo frames @ MDM
Corina Neilson and Kimberly Gurrusso Little Man Holiday
postage stamps and brush from Victorian Christmas kit- Shannon Lee Designs and MDM

Notice a pattern? I used Nancy Comelabs new shadow frames ALOT! I love them! They make a multi-photo layout so easy! If you haven't seen em, you can check them out here!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

So tonight at the dinner table Malichi says to me "mom, let's pray". So I say, "okay, you say the prayer". He folds his hands and proceeds to pray, "Dear God, please bring us lots and lots of presents, so we might like them. Bless you. Amen"
Do you think he might have gotten too much of SANTA this year! :) It was too cute!

I so am glad Christmas is over...although I am keeping my tree and decorations up so I can still enjoy them for a little while longer!
We had a wonderful (but long) Christmas! The kids were so spoiled with new toys!

Besides being busy with Christmas, I was getting ready for the big opening atMy Digital Muse! Yay! I just love it there! I love the other girls that are a part of the team! I am learning so much about photography, which is great, because that is what I want to really get focused on and really learn my camera. I haven't been able to participate as much as I would like to, but hopefully now that the holidays are over, I can jump in!

And my little Kinzie.... she apparently does not like her bed. We find her sleeping in random places, the floor, toyboxes, on top of her toys... (note the last post where she was sleeping in her toybox). Well this is how I found her today! :)

Oh well.. at least she's still napping!