Saturday, May 17, 2008

Say What?!

Went to the Dr. on Monday. He decided to do an ultrasound to check if we were accurate on the due date...and to "make sure there is just one in there, or to see if there might be two" as he said!

So I am up on the table and he is doing the ultrasound and he says "so......... have I talked to you about having multiples"?


"Yeah...there are 2 babies in there"!

That's pretty much the last thing I remember from the appt. I left there sweating, and shaking and pretty much freaking out.

It's crazy though because I had been having dreams for a while about having twins. But I just kinda blew them off. And when I was at a garage sale, the person having it had twins and she had 2 nice bouncy seats for really cheap and I felt the need to buy BOTH, but I talked myself out of it thinking "ok really do I NEED 2 bouncy chairs?"

I guesss that Mother's intuition was really trying to tell me something!

I called Aaron after the appt. and told him. I think he thought he was going to come home from work and I would say "Just Kidding"!

But I wasn't...and here is our ultrasound picture to prove it! It's pretty clear that there is 2 in there!

So after the initial shock and being scared, we are excited. Still scared, but very excited as well!