Tuesday, January 26, 2010

just another day in paradise...

just a lazy sunday at home with the kids :)

Playing dress up...



Malichi is loving playing his new guitar he got for Christmas. He is learning to play Smoke on the Water, an Indiana Jones song, and a Star wars song :)


Kinzie can always be found around the house with "crunchy baby" as she calls it :)


Apparently we might need two of these toys....


Thursday, January 21, 2010

He decided it was time...

..to get serious about this whole walking thing. He must be sick of his sister walking all over him when he is crawling.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

they are growing up too fast.

It hit me hard today when I took the twins to our first ECFE class.

Both of them sitting up at the little table on real chairs, eating snack with the other kids. I can remember when Kinzie was sitting at that same little table. And now the twins are sitting there.

Scout coming over numerous times during parent discussing time just to say "hi" and lay her head on my shoulder for a quick second , then waddling off back to play with her brother.

During group time, while the bubble machine was going and the teacher was singing a "bubbles" song, Scout yells out "Bubbaallll". I was surprised to hear her say it, but another mom looks at me and says, "she said it, we all witnessed it!" :) It melted me.

Finley flirting with all the teachers, going from teacher to teacher with his arms up, waiting for them to pick him up and give him some love.

Both of them actually sitting during group time. They both clapped their hands when the teacher was, and put their arms up when the teacher did. They even clapped the blocks together when we sang "bang bang" (Kinzie's FAVORITE song from ECFE!)

Can they even be classified as babies anymore!? Or are they toddlers now!? I still call them "the babies", which I am sure will continue on for some time. I just can't handle the thought of them being toddlers yet. Can't they just be my babies forever!?

Scout. Already addicted to the phone.

Finner. Just cute in his hat.

Cute hats and boots courtesy of Auntie Tiffy. :)

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