Saturday, April 28, 2007

Goofy Girl...

Kinzie is so goofy, always has been. But these past few days, she's just cracked me up! Yesterday morning, I woke up to her in her room saying "That's not fair! That's not fair!". I could hear her on the monitor. I went in there, and she's just sitting there with her toys in her bed talking to them, telling them something wasn't fair!

And then the other night we were sitting in the bathroom, while she was going potty. (She takes FOREVER to go potty by the way!)So we were in there chatting while she was sitting on the toilet. And she starts talking about her hair out of nowhere. She's like "ohh my hair so wong(long). It's so wong! I need to brush it. Let's brush my wong hair!" It was hilarious. If you've seen the movie Superstar, you'd think it was even funnier. You know the part where Molly Shannon is standing in front of the mirror and she is talking about her boobs and how big they are, and how she needs a bra. Picture Kinzie talking about her hair JUST like that! It was HILARIOUS!!!!

Another funny thing she likes to say: "you can't eat your email!" Thanks babe. Good tip! :)

So...I have my first maternity shoot tomorrow! I am excited about it! It is for my Mom's Fiance's daugther. I hope I get some great shots for her!!! Wish me luck!

Anywhoo...just had to blog about my funny girl before I forget all the funny things she says!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nate *hearts* Joan! :)

SO Nate and Joan are FINALLY married! And I am FINALLY getting some pictures posted! Meant to do this Monday, but it has been a busy week!

Friday was a little hectic getting last minute things packed and then we ended up having to get Aarons Tux fixed last minute! He had waited till late Thursday night to try on his Tux. And it was WAY too short!!! We had to take it in on friday to have the pants fixed. They had to let them out 4 1/2 inches!!!! Yeah...they screwed up just a bit!
And then Friday night we had the rehearsal and Groom's dinner. Aaron was one of the Groomsmen for the wedding, and my little Malichi was the ring bearer. He was so cute! :) So at rehearsal he got to practice with Harper, the flower girl. And boy is she a little flirt!!!! She was loving Malichi!

At one point she even told Malichi he would be her husband one day! We'll have to tell them eventually that they are now related and they can't get married! :) They were just so cute together!

And here is Nate, in his spiffy outfit for the Groom's Dinner:

I gave Nate and Joan their scrapbook on Friday night, so they could set it out at the wedding or reception if they wanted to (which they did). I hope they loved it!!!

Saturday was a BUSY day! I was taking pictures for a few hours before the wedding, and then of course we had the ceremony, and then more pictures, and the reception.
Steph and Adam watched Kinzie for me so I could take pictures all day. Thanks guys, for your help!
It was long day, but tons of fun. A couple of my fave shots:
4-21-07 239

4-20-07 065

And check out my handsome little man:
4-21-07 245 copy
I was SO proud of him! I thought he would be nervous, and we'd have to bribe him to go down the aisle or something, but he wasn't and we didn't! He did amazing! And all through the ceremony he just stood by Aaron, and watched. I am just so proud of my boy! (Aaron, I am proud of you too!!)

And the reception was tons of fun. The kids were such troopers! They danced like crazy, and surprisingly, neither of them were crabby! Kinzie did get a little nap in with Steph and Adam driving her around, so that helped. But they both made it until about 11:30 or so! They were both out on the dance floor most of the night! Malichi and Harper danced together most of the night. It was pretty cute, although I am not sure I am ready for all that yet!!!! He can wait on the flirting a few more years! And Kinzie wanted to dance with everyone...but me. Everytime I tried to dance with her, she'd yell at me and go find someone else!!!! Such a stinker that one is, and a little too independent sometimes!

And Guess What? I danced. Me. The one who never dances, and has NEVER danced except maybe to a few slow songs in my whole life. Mom has been trying for years to get me to dance, but I have not caved. I told her a few weekends ago at the bachellorette party, that if she went up and tipped the drag queen during the drag show at gay 90's (I know..thats another story), that I would dance with her, but no, she wouldn't do it, so I didn't dance! BUT.... at the reception..I decided I would let loose and at least try. I am the most uncoordinated person ever, but what the hell!? It's Nate's Wedding! (and Mom said she'd buy me a drink if I danced!) So I DID!!!! I even went out on the dance floor multiple times! Can you believe it! I did the electric slide, and I danced to "Cotton Eye Joe", and to some other fast songs! I managed to get my Grammy out there dancing, and Aaron too! I must admit, It was fun. BUT...Mom... sorry to burst your bubble...don't think I will be doing it again. I'm quite sure I won't be! I can't even imagine what an eye sore I was out there on the dance floor! Oh well! :)

And then on Sunday, we went to Nate's for the Gift Opening, and lunch. It was a nice, relaxing end to the weekend. And then Monday they left for Hawaii! I'm a little jealous...but I hope they are having a GREAT time!

One last picture..
4-20-07 078
Aren't they so cute together? I am so happy for them both. I love seeing my brother so happy, and I adore Joan.

Want to see more pictures from the weekend? I've posted more in my flick gallery HERE

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Goodbye Noel.

Been a while, yet again. Lots going on. Lots to catch up on.


Last week my brother made the decision to put Noel to sleep. We found out on Wednesday that she was really sick. It was really all of the sudden. As far as I know, on Tuesday she was fine, and then Wed. she wouldn't get up and walk or eat or anything. Mom took her to the vet on Wednesday, they did exploratory surgery and found out she had tumors all over her liver, and something had burst inside of her, I believe. They didn't know if she would even make it through the night. So Nate decided to take her home. We all went over to Nate's and just kinda hung out, took some last pictures of her, and with her, and sat with her, and said our goodbye's really. Nate decided that even if she did make it through the night, he would put her to sleep in the morning. She wasn't eating, wasn't moving really, when she drank water, she was throwing back up, and her incision was bleeding.

Nate had a really hard time with it. One of the few times I have seen him cry, actually. I think since she moved in with him, he's gotten alot more attached to her.
I didn't realize it was going to be as hard as it was for me either. I didn't see her much anymore. And when I did, I didn't give her a whole lot of attention. Ever since Malichi was born pretty much, because Noel always got nippy around kids. So anytime we were going to be around with the kids, mom would bring her to Nate's house. I feel bad I didn't give her more attention these past few years.

Here she is last wednesday night when she was actually trying to sit up.

And here's Noella Bella getting a bath when she was a baby. She was so little :)

And here I am holding her the Christmas we got her (back in 95'). I begged and begged and begged my parent's to get a puppy! And I finally got my way! :)

Wasn't she sooo cute!? She was a such a good dog too. I will miss her.


Let's see...what else?


Well I went to the dentist today. I never used to have a problem going to the dentist. Never bothered me or anything. And then in the past 2 years, I've started to get really bad anxiety when I go to the dentist. I had an exam 6 months ago, and had some cavities to get filled. So today was the day. I had a 2 hour appt. set up. The first half was the fillings, and the 2nd was the cleaning.
I surprised myself at how bad my anxiety was! I actually had tears running down my face while they were working on me!!! I fricken CRIED at the dentist! :( They actually even kept the Nitrious on me for the cleaning cause it was so bad. Nothing hurt or anything, and I wasn't worried about anything hurting either, so I don't know where the anxiety came from, but it sure was there! A couple time the hygenist was even like are you SURE you're okay? Your digging your nails into your skin on your hands really hard! "yeah...I'll be fine"...Hopefully! And obviously I am fine now, but man that was a long 2 hours! And boy was I embarrassed afterwards! I am just glad it's over!


It's my Dad's birthday today...Happy Birthday Dad.


Malichi started soccer on Tuesday. It was really cold, and raining and snowing, but they still played. I was kinda hoping it would have been cancelled! But Malichi had a ton of fun, even though he was soaked and cold.
Here he is with his friend Parker:

And Kinzie and Papa trying to stay warm!


Did you all have a nice Easter? We did! We went to my Grandma's last Thursday to spend a few days with her and get away for a few days. I really need a little break from things. I've had lots of stress with being so busy, and having so many things on my plate right now, and then Noel dying, and then I had some family issues going on, and I just felt so overwhelmed. So it was really nice to spend some time with my Grandma. Although we were busy the whole time there too. We always say, ok this time we are going to just relax, and hang out, and not be too busy, we I go stay there, but we always are, and the time always goes by too fast! We stayed until Sunday night, and spent Easter with Grandma, and Mom and Randy, the girls and their significant others :) and Nate and Joan. We just had a nice relaxing day together.
Oh yeah.. AND on thursday night Grandma and I stayed up scrapbooking till 1 am! I am soooo excited that she is getting into scrapbooking! We had so much fun! I only made one page, and then we made Easter cards for everyone. Now if I could just teach her how to use a computer so she could go digi! :) It was kinda fun to break out the ole' paper supplies though! I haven't paper scrapped in quite a while!

Nate and Joan are getting married NEXT WEEKEND!!!! It has come up so fast!!! My little man is the ring bearer. He's going to be so stinkin cute! And Aaron is a groomsmen. And I am the "unofficial" photographer. They are having a photographer there doing all the normal wedding shots, and then I am going to be taking some fun ones while everyone is getting ready and stuff! Hopefully I can get some creative shots!


And last but not least...It's Grab Bag weekend at MDM!
Check it out here!
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