Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

We spent our Valentine's Day hanging out at home tonight because Malichi had the stomach flu last night and stayed home from school today.

Daddy picked up smores dessert pizza from Papa Murphy's and we watched a movie together. I bought each of the kids the "I Like Book" for Valentine's day and Daddy picked up a few other little goodies for them. I found out about the I like books from a fellow blogger, and thought they would be a fun thing to start with the kids. Basically you just write down something you like about them every day and then at the end of the year they will have a book filled with wonderful things about them. What a fun way to document the little things in life, and a great self esteem booster for the kids!

The kids each decorated a paper picture frame with their own picture in it for Daddy. The twins thought it was so cool to decorate something that had their own picture in it! Finley kept pointing to himself, saying "ME!" as he colored, and Scout kept saying "Me Scoutie" pointing to her picture.

Aaron brought home flowers for me, and I bought him the "I like book" for couples so we could start one of our own as well.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The potty training stage


we. are. there.

3 or 4 weeks ago, Scout started telling us every time she had to go potty or had just gone potty. She would come running to us yelling "pooping. POOPING"! We would go bring her to the potty, but she had always peed in her diaper just before she told us. (she was calling both peeing and pooping, pooping for a while). If she pooped in her diaper, she would immediately say "Scoutie poop. Change".

There were a couple of days in there that she absolutely would NOT put on a diaper. She only wanted to wear panties. We put her panties on over her diaper but that wasn't good enough! During the day I would let her wear her Dora panties, but being that she had not peed on the potty once yet, I wasn't ready to let her wear them to bed or nap! A couple times I had to go put on a diaper over her panties after she fell asleep, just to save myself from having to clean up poop or pee in her bed.

Finley doesn't really care if he has a wet or poopy diaper at this point, actually I think he'd rather sit in it then have to get his diaper changed! But he likes to try going on the potty every time Scout does, because of course, if one does something, the other must too!

During dinner a couple of weeks ago (Jan. 23rd to be exact, since us Mom's like to remember when their child first went on the potty) she yelled "poopie mommy"! Her diaper was dry so we ran her to the bathroom. After a few minutes of reading "The Cat in the Hat" (our bathroom reading material) she peed on the potty!!!! Yay!

I ran to the kitchen to find a potty treat to give her, which happened to be chocolate chips, because it was the only candy we had. She got 5 chocolate chips for going pee on the potty!

Finley wanted to have his turn on the potty, and as I was taking his diaper off a little turd fell out and rolled on the floor. Scout saw it and shreiked, "Oh! More CANDY", as she reached down and scooped it up! Luckily Daddy grabbed it just before it went in her mouth! I guess chocolate for a potty treat might not be such a good idea.

After that she had one accident in her underwear that night, and she totally freaked out. She did NOT like that her Dora underwear were wet!

Since then she has been staying dry all day whether she is in underwear or her diaper. She is sometimes wet in the morning, and if she needs to poop she usually does it during naptime in her diaper, but other than that she stays dry.

For the first few days she was excited about going pee on the potty, but now the last week or so she doesn't want to sit on the toilet, but she absolutely does not want to pee in her diaper anymore either. She'll come running to me saying "potty mommy", and we'll run to the bathroom, but once she gets in their she'll cry and say "no potty mommy". So we leave. She'll do that a few times, until she can't hold it anymore and she will give in and finally sit down and go pee. Some days she holds it until dinnertime before she finally goes potty. There are some days though that she has gone 2 or 3 times on the potty. She has even gone in a public bathroom a few Subway, MOPS and Edinborough park! That is such a relief becasue Kinzie would NOT use a public toilet for months and instead would hold it for hours and hours until we got home.

I am going to take her to target to buy her some new panties, and pull ups, and I think we will be diaper free for her! Right now she only wears her diaper at naptime and bedtime, and when we are out in public. But since she has only had 1 accident in the past couple weeks, I think we'll start doing pull ups at nap and bed, and underwear all other times! Yay! Now I just need to get her to poop on the potty, and NOT hold her pee for so long!

And then when Finley is ready, we'll start the process all over again with him.... but for now he just sits on the potty when he wants to and pees and poops in his diaper without a care in the world. :)