Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

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We spent our Valentine's Day hanging out at home tonight because Malichi had the stomach flu last night and stayed home from school today.

Daddy picked up smores dessert pizza from Papa Murphy's and we watched a movie together. I bought each of the kids the "I Like Book" for Valentine's day and Daddy picked up a few other little goodies for them. I found out about the I like books from a fellow blogger, and thought they would be a fun thing to start with the kids. Basically you just write down something you like about them every day and then at the end of the year they will have a book filled with wonderful things about them. What a fun way to document the little things in life, and a great self esteem booster for the kids!

The kids each decorated a paper picture frame with their own picture in it for Daddy. The twins thought it was so cool to decorate something that had their own picture in it! Finley kept pointing to himself, saying "ME!" as he colored, and Scout kept saying "Me Scoutie" pointing to her picture.

Aaron brought home flowers for me, and I bought him the "I like book" for couples so we could start one of our own as well.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


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Kristie Dustin said...

So glad you have a nice night, despite the flu!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon! Love your scrapbook pages (and blog). Question for you...your kids always have the cutest outfits on, where do you shop? :)

shannonleedesigns said...

Thanks! I do a lot of shopping at The Children's Place :)