Thursday, July 09, 2009

7 months

Now that the babies are 7 1/2 months..I am finally doing their 7 month post! We've been busy with vacation, Steph and Adam's wedding, and summer activities!!!!

The babies are getting harder and harder to photograph now that they are getting a little more mobile! Plus sometimes when I put them next to eachother, Scout likes to torment Finley. This is the best I got this month...

Is it just me, or do they look annoyed?

The twins are growing into 2 very different little people. It is fun watching them develop their own little quirks and traits.

Scout plays with her ear when she's nursing and/or falling asleep. Finley likes to reach up and touch my face when he is nursing, and he usually holds on tight to your hand when he is going to sleep, otherwise he flails his arms all over the place! When they are both nursing together, they usually each put their far arms up over my breast and hold hands in the middle of my chest. It's so sweet.

Scout has started doing "So Big", while Finley just shakes his head "no" when you ask him "are you so big?". Funny thing is, he only does it when you ask him that.

Both are sitting up completely on their own now. Scout can get herself from sitting up, onto to her tummy. She'll lunge forward, usually bonking her nose, but she doesn't cry, and then she'll push herself up with her hands. She is scooting all over the place. She'll soon be crawling I think!

I left her for a quick moment to do something in the kitchen and when I came back, she had scooted herself under the couch on her tummy! She just had her little head poking out looking around! Guess I can't do that anymore!

Finley is pretty content to just hang out wherever we put him, and play with whatever is within his reach!

No teeth yet for either of them. Scout has a tooth that is almost ready to come through though. She's got a big bump and you can see the tooth near the surface!

They enjoyed their first vacation up to the cabin. They loved the pool, especially Scout. She even fell asleep in her floatie in the water a few times! Finley enjoys the water too, he's just more sensitive, and got cold in the water sooner.

Finley acquired a new nickname while on vacation: Finner Finner Chicken Dinnner.

This past month we've started taking to the chiropractor for constipation. It has helped them a ton! My poor babies have never been very regular in that department. But it looks like we are getting things on track.

The twins are definitely aware of each other. Scout likes to bother Finley, and he gets worked up so quickly, and I think she thinks it is funny. One time they were sitting face to face, and she was grabbing at him, and he started screaming in anger, and the little stinkerbell, she started giggling!!!!

Scout likes to spit out her nuk, and then take Finn's nuk out of his mouth and put it in her mouth. She loves to grab his ears and his hair too. Oh and shes started chomping on his arms and legs too! It's strange though because Finley is the one that can be so rough when he gets upset, like when he is nursing sometimes he'll pinch my boob or scratch my face. But when he is next to Scout he is so gentle, and he'll just put his hand on her head softly. He's always smiling at her, and looking at her so adoringly! My gentle little lion...(when he's not tired and angry anyway!)

They both love to play. On their play mats, in their exersaucers, in their bumbos with toys. It's baby central in our living room!

These 2 babies are so lucky. They have the most wonderful big brother and sister too. Both Malichi and Kinzie absolutely adore Finley and Scout.

Kinzie came in while I was trying to get them both down for their nap the other day, and asked if she could help. She sang to scout and rubbed her arm in her crib, while I rocked Finley to sleep. Scout calmed right down, and just stared up at Kinzie while she sang. I think the hardest part for me right now, is that is is incredibly hard to get 2 babies down for a nap alone when they are both tired at the same time. Especially when they scream when they get tired!

Malichi is always wanting to hold the babies, and feed them, and he LOVES to make them laugh. Loves it. He thinks it is just great when he can act ridiculous and get them to giggle!

Monday, July 06, 2009

This pretty much sums it up.....

Life with 4 kids. It's crazy...but I love it.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July from the 6 of us!!!

We went to the Delano parade with some old friends from Mom's club... it was so good to get together with that crowd again! Then we had a lazy afternoon at home (a little too lazy I think) .... and of course watched the Waconia fireworks as we do every year! It was a good day....and now it's time for bed!