Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Finley and Scout turn 3!

Finley and Scout turned THREE this year!

Finley and Scout's Birthday fell on Black Friday this I was a tired Mama.
After almost 15 hours of straight shopping, we took the kids to Perkins for the twin's birthday lunch.

Then we came home for presents and cake.

Finley has been saying for weeks that he wants "Superman Powers" for his birthday and Christmas! So we found this superman cape and mask, which was perfect for him. He loved it! I am pretty sure he thought he was really going to be able to fly though... He put it on and said "Now I can fly Mama!"

He also got some superman toys, a movie, and some Trio blocks.

Scout wanted this Rapunzel doll for her birthday. She has been eyeing it up for months. Every time we go to Target we have to go to the toys so she can look at the Rapunzel doll. And every time she asks if we can get it, and I reply "Let's put it on your birthday list". She always replies "ok, I'll get it for my birthday"! So of course, she was so excited when she got it!

She also got some My Little Ponies, which she has been super into. She knows the names of them all and everything; Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack, princess Celestia... I have no idea how she knows the names, but she does. She also got a My Little Pony movie to go along with her new ponies.

After presents, we had a little cake. Finley of course devoured it. Scout licked a little frosting off the little present cake topper, and that was the extent of her cake intake.

The following weekend we had their big birthday party with all our friends and family.

Here they are all ready for the party!

They had a blast and were of course spoiled! It was fun seeing them open all their "big kid" toys!

I made Scoutie a Pony cake, and Finner a Spiderman cake. They both loved them! 

 Fun was had by all!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Ahhh....One of my favorite times of the year with my family is getting the house all ready for Christmas. I love having my Christmas stuff out!



Christmas 2011!!