Friday, November 17, 2006


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Holiday Cards

I've got some new holiday cards out!

You can get them at both PDW and Shannon Lee Designs!

Just wanted to let you know about my new goodies. Nothing else interesting in my world today! Oh wait, yes there is! One thing- I am going to buy myself some accessories for my camera tomorrow! Yay! FOR SURE, a tripod. I don't even have one yet! And maybe a backdrop stand, and I don't know what else! :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So sick of being sick!

Uugghh! We can't seem to get healthy in this house! In the past 3 weeks, I have had the stomache flu 3 times, Kinzie has had it once, Malichi had pink eye, and now today I went in to be checked for strep. Both Aaron and I are sick. Sore throats, colds, earaches. Yuck! Life really needs to get back to normal. I don't have TIME for anyone to be sick!!!

So I haven't been able to talk about this yet, cause It was a surprise for my mom. Her boyfriend, Randy, asked me to make a scrapbook for him to give to her for her birthday! AND he wanted the last page to have a ribbon on it, with the engagement ring he got her tied on. He was going to propose to her!!! What a cute idea huh? So she got the album on Saturday, and when she got to the last page, he asked her to marry him. She said "YES"! So congrats, Mom, if you are reading this!!!!

Hmm... let see.. not to much else new here! Although this is exciting- I am doing this months Grab Bag with Tiffany Brady at PDW. Be sure to check it out. I believe she will be putting it up on Thursday!

Off to finish my Grab Bag goodies!

Monday, November 13, 2006

new schtuff!

I have been busy working on these 2 new kits! Yay! Finally some new stuff!

Get Blissful Holiday----->
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  • Thursday, November 09, 2006

    Give some Love!

    This is something I think EVERY school needs to do......
    There was an amazing show on Oprah today. Lisa Ling did the story, who by the way, I LOVE! She always does the stories that really need to be told, and I think she does a wonderful job. Anyway..The show was about something called Challenge Day. You can find out more about it
  • HERE
  • .
    They did this Challenge Day at a school in Missouri. These teens absolutely amazed me. It was such a powerful approach to changing the schools our children go to. These High Schoolers had the opportunity to get a glimpse into eachother's worlds, eachother's lives, and see how the things that go on in their school affect everyone. Bullying, racism, judgements, cliques, everything. I was blown away by these students. There was no anger toward each other. No hatred. Even when the student who got up and talked about how he would make racist jokes towards his peers, all of the students that those jokes where aimed at, raised their hands with the "I love you" sign. These students, and even teachers got to participate in all of these trust-building, and eye-opening excercises. They really just got to learn that they really are alike, and all have the same emotions, and feelings. They got the opportunity to open up to peers that they probably would have never otherwise even spoke to, and find support and friendships in people they maybe thought hated them. Just getting connected to the people they share their time with EVERY day, but yet still feel alone. They got to being to learn RESPECT for ALL people. It was amazing how a concept so simple could open up these students to communication and connecting with one another.
    It makes my heart break to know that since August of THIS year, there have already been more than 50 school-related shootings, stabbings and other crisis incidents nationwide. It makes me scared to send my kids to school.

    It hasn't been that long since I have been out of High School, and I remember how difficult, painful, and lonely High School was for me at times. I can't imagine what these challenges could have done for our school. Maybe our school could have been more connected. Maybe I could have had more friends that liked me for who I was. Maybe I could have had some sort of peace sharing a school with Robert. Maybe I could have opened up and accepted everyone in our school. Maybe peer pressure wouldn't be such an issue. But most of all, maybe I would have been able to be more of who I really was.

    Wednesday, November 08, 2006


    Feels good to be getting some catching up done! Got some Lisa Loeb on, which always gets me in the mood, (to design that is) and I've got my Dt. Coke with Lime, and I am ready to work for the night :) Aaron has the kids downstairs so I can concentrate. Though I can hear them jamming out to some music downstairs anyways :)
    We have this new plan that he will take the kids after supper 2 nights a week for me to work, and the other 3 nights will be family time. It's a good plan for me to spend some time on the computer working without feeling guilty about it! And I have some peace. It's all good!

    OH YEAH... and I am all caught up on my kids' scrapbooks!!! YAY!!!! Now it's just trying to scrap pictures as I take them! :) I just printed about 130 12x12 layouts!!! HOLY MOLY...that was a big chunk of change to do that. BUT I am all caught up on printing too, which feels awesome! :)

    off to work on some designs....

    Sunday, November 05, 2006

    Catch up time!

    Whoa.. I haven't blogged in a while! It's been a rough week. Kinzie is all better (after having the flu) BUT then, of course, I got it!

    But lets back it up a bit....


    The kids had an absolute blast Trick or Treating! This is the first year that we have actually gone out Trick or Treating! We always do something fun, but it usually a Halloween event somewhere. I am so glad we took them this year though. They just loved it. And not even just for the candy. In fact... I think they have already forgotten that we have the 2 buckets full! :) They were just hilarious! Malichi kept forgetting to say Trick or Treat; so the people would come to the door, and he would just stand there with his back held out and open to them, and not say anything. I was a little embarrassed! :) My boy usually has such good manners!Hehe!
    And Kinzie, she was just cute. She would say "Tri-Treat, Happy Ween, and Taint You" to everyone. It was so cute. And then they'd put some candy in her bag, and apparently they didn't give her enough, because at alot of the houses, she'd grab into their bowl and dig out a little more :) Luckily she's only 2, and everyone thought it was pretty cute! So, we had a blast and we were only a LITTLE numb when we got home! :)

    Sickly me:

    So we get home Tuesday night, and later in the evening I started to feel sick. Woke up at midnight with the full blown flu! :( I am sure Aaron LOVED to clean up my puke! nuff said about that. I was just plain sick.

    Back on track:

    BUT now I am feeling MUCH MUCH better! I am feeling all ambitious and want to paint the kids' rooms this weekend, but Aaron said...yeah not so much! He wasn't up for it. Oh well I guess... I have plenty of catching up to do anyways!

    I have a few new designs in the works that I am SUPER excited about, and hope to get some major progress on them this weekend! Watch for some fun holiday stuff soon!


    We moved Kinzie to her big girl bed yesterday!!! Not sure if I am excited about that or regretting it!!! :) She was very ready though. She was super excited once we got it up.

    She didn't like it so much once she actually had to go to bed in it though. :( She DID not want to be in there. We tucked her in and left the room, and she just cried "Wanna go crib, wanna go crib"! I never would have thought she would be crying to go in her crib!! I guess it will just take a little getting used to! :)

    and a TOOOOOOT:

    I saved the best for last... I was invited to be a part of the My Digital Muse Team! Yayyyyyy!!!!!! I am so excited about it. You can check out their site in the link on the side :)

    And speaking of photography, I had my very first shoot yesterday!! YIKES! I was pretty nervous. It was for family, so that took some pressure off, but I was still nervous! We did them outdoors and the weather was beautiful! It was a little too sunny out, so the lighting was a bit harsh in some of the pictures, and there was some shadows on some of them, which I was really bummed about. But I think I still got some good shots. I spent most of last night proofing them, and I think they are all ready! I hope my cousin like them!!!!