Thursday, November 09, 2006

Give some Love!

This is something I think EVERY school needs to do......
There was an amazing show on Oprah today. Lisa Ling did the story, who by the way, I LOVE! She always does the stories that really need to be told, and I think she does a wonderful job. Anyway..The show was about something called Challenge Day. You can find out more about it
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    They did this Challenge Day at a school in Missouri. These teens absolutely amazed me. It was such a powerful approach to changing the schools our children go to. These High Schoolers had the opportunity to get a glimpse into eachother's worlds, eachother's lives, and see how the things that go on in their school affect everyone. Bullying, racism, judgements, cliques, everything. I was blown away by these students. There was no anger toward each other. No hatred. Even when the student who got up and talked about how he would make racist jokes towards his peers, all of the students that those jokes where aimed at, raised their hands with the "I love you" sign. These students, and even teachers got to participate in all of these trust-building, and eye-opening excercises. They really just got to learn that they really are alike, and all have the same emotions, and feelings. They got the opportunity to open up to peers that they probably would have never otherwise even spoke to, and find support and friendships in people they maybe thought hated them. Just getting connected to the people they share their time with EVERY day, but yet still feel alone. They got to being to learn RESPECT for ALL people. It was amazing how a concept so simple could open up these students to communication and connecting with one another.
    It makes my heart break to know that since August of THIS year, there have already been more than 50 school-related shootings, stabbings and other crisis incidents nationwide. It makes me scared to send my kids to school.

    It hasn't been that long since I have been out of High School, and I remember how difficult, painful, and lonely High School was for me at times. I can't imagine what these challenges could have done for our school. Maybe our school could have been more connected. Maybe I could have had more friends that liked me for who I was. Maybe I could have had some sort of peace sharing a school with Robert. Maybe I could have opened up and accepted everyone in our school. Maybe peer pressure wouldn't be such an issue. But most of all, maybe I would have been able to be more of who I really was.

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