Wednesday, June 03, 2009

6 months

We are half-way to ONE! Can you believe it?!

Fin and Scout had their 6 mo. appt. last week.

Finley weighed in at 15 lb. putting him at 10%. Our little peanut.

Scout weighed 16 lb. 10 oz. putting her at 70%.

They are both little shorties just like their mama! Fin was 24 1/4" and Scout was 24". Under 10% for both! Sorry babies, you got my short genes!

This past month the babies have seemed to grow up so much!

They both have the rolling over thing down well. Finley started first, and then a couple of weeks later Scout started. Scout will roll over in her crib at night all the time, and then she gets mad because she is on her tummy. But instead of rolling back over (which she does all the time during the day) she face plants into the mattress and cries. Sometimes she'll just stay sleeping, but instead of turning her head she'll just have her face flat into the mattress and sleep that way. It makes me so nervous! Finley rolls onto his side to sleep.

When we have her on the floor playing, Scout has started to scoot a little too. She'll put her butt up in the air, pushing herself up with her toes, and then she'll straighten her legs and push herself forward a little.

They are both sitting up now for the most part. Scout is able to balance herself pretty well for quite a while. Finley will get tired after a bit and put his head down on his feet!

Scout has started to grab her feet all the time! She always has her legs way up in the air and is grabbing at her little tooties! :)

They are now eating dinner with us every night. On their menu is some type of rice cereal along with a fruit or veggie. So far they have had peaches, pears, bananas, apples, carrots, sweet potatos, and peas. They don't seem to dislike any really. Finley does great, he just opens his mouth right up and waits for the food. And he'll get mad if we aren't quick enough too! Scout on the other hand, tries to suck the food off the spoon. She is a little more difficult to feed! I thought it would be the other way around. I thought she'd jump right in to eating solids!

The great thing too with them being on solids now, is that we don't really have to give them formula anymore at night! I think they get filled up at dinner and then are satisfied with just nursing at bedtime.

We have gotten into a bit more of a schedule this past month too, which for me is GREAT! They are taking 3 naps a day usually, and bedtime has gotten MUCH earlier! We are able to feed them dinner, play a little, do baths and get ready for bed, then I nurse them, and by about 8:00 they are ready for bed. We are able to put them down awake and they fall asleep on their own most nights now! They have made HUGE strides in the sleeping department this past month! Some nights I only have to feed them each once in the middle of the night. We do still have the nights where it is every 2 hours or so, but they aren't every night anymore!

The babies are really loving their toys. They've both got great eye hand coordination. They love their excersaucers, and have started turning themselves around in them to play with all the toys.They love their blankies and love having the silky part up by their face to go to sleep.

One of the things I LOVE to watch with the babies, is how they look at each other and reach for each other when we have them close. They are almost always holding hands when they are next to each other. Usually it is Finley reaching out and looking for Scouts hand. It is so sweet.

Fin has started biting when he is nursing! OUCH! I've been told to pull them off and stearnly say "no", so they understand right away that they can't do that. Well I tried that, and he looked up at me and grinned!!! And he's continued to do it.

Both of the babies are starting to get back some of the hair they lost, and their little bald spots on the back of their heads are finally filling in.

Grammy came last week and we worked on a few little projects.

We made this little reversible sundress for Scout:

And we did these little bloomers:

My funny little gentle boy.

My sweet...and loud...sassy girl.

Thing One and Thing Two:

I wish I would have started the monthly stuffed animal pictures when they were newborn, but I didn't think of it until they were 2 months old. Here is how much they've grown in the past 4 months!