Saturday, April 28, 2007

Goofy Girl...

Kinzie is so goofy, always has been. But these past few days, she's just cracked me up! Yesterday morning, I woke up to her in her room saying "That's not fair! That's not fair!". I could hear her on the monitor. I went in there, and she's just sitting there with her toys in her bed talking to them, telling them something wasn't fair!

And then the other night we were sitting in the bathroom, while she was going potty. (She takes FOREVER to go potty by the way!)So we were in there chatting while she was sitting on the toilet. And she starts talking about her hair out of nowhere. She's like "ohh my hair so wong(long). It's so wong! I need to brush it. Let's brush my wong hair!" It was hilarious. If you've seen the movie Superstar, you'd think it was even funnier. You know the part where Molly Shannon is standing in front of the mirror and she is talking about her boobs and how big they are, and how she needs a bra. Picture Kinzie talking about her hair JUST like that! It was HILARIOUS!!!!

Another funny thing she likes to say: "you can't eat your email!" Thanks babe. Good tip! :)

So...I have my first maternity shoot tomorrow! I am excited about it! It is for my Mom's Fiance's daugther. I hope I get some great shots for her!!! Wish me luck!

Anywhoo...just had to blog about my funny girl before I forget all the funny things she says!

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