Friday, May 12, 2006


Happy Mother's Day!

Here's what's going on at the store for this weekend!

Also, Just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to everyone, and give out this little freebie if anyone wants it :P (also available in the freebie section of the store)

click here to download


Christine Smith said...

that's so cute!!!

Holly said...

I have to admit that I have been 'stalking' you from the other side of the globe lately. Its been so long since we've seen each other- I am catching myself up by looking at all your scrapbooks!

And I have become slightly obsessed with the idea of digital scrapping because of you too! Ha ha. As soon as I have a program (or know what I am doing) I am buying your entire website.
You'll just have to lend me some of your creativity.

Love ya!

RiordM said...

Heard about your site today and dropped by to visit. Absolutely awesome kits. Your designs are wonderful and I'll definitely have you as one of my favs. I'll purchase soon but had to tell you how beautiful your kits are.