Thursday, February 08, 2007

sick of being sick!

We've ALL been sick at our house. It's been a looooong week. Kinzie started it last week with her 102.5 fever, and she is just now finally getting better. Then I started getting sick Monday night. I haven't much done all week because of it. We had to miss out on playgroup, school, ECFE, and our Sprouts class this week!!! I am going stir crazy! I am so glad we are all starting to feel better! Our plan for tomorrow is to go for lunch at Noodles and Compay with Kim, a good friend of mine, and then go play at Edinborough park. It will be so good for the kids to get out of the house! And well, I get to eat at Noodles! So I am all for it! Let's hope we still feel good in the morning!

I am trying to catch up on some stuff tonight, so guess I can't say I haven't gotten ANYTHING done..

Check out my little stud muffin! Isn't he just handsome!!!!

And my little spunky one:

and her cheesy fake grin:

I did manage to get this new product out in the stores this week! I have had this in the works for a LOOOONNNG time! So glad I've finally got my mojo back, and can crank out some new designs!!!!!

You can get it here or here

And finally...I got a page done!!! :) This one was for a weekend challenge over at My Digital Muse to take a self portrait and scrap it. Here was my take on the challenge.

well, enough blogging for tonight. It's time to fold laundry while I catch up on some Dr. Phil and Oprah! :)

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