Friday, November 07, 2008

It's been a long while....

I obviously haven't updated my blog in quite a long time, and posts may continue to be few and far between after these twins are born!!!!! But I promise, I will try to update more often!

life has been just crazy....
lots of morning sickness for the first 17 wks. :(
busy summer. vacation. zoo trips. birthday parties. beach days. fun stuff.
preparing for twins.
finishing our basement.
finding out the twins are BOY and GIRL!
aaron going back to his old job.
rearranging the WHOLE house.
kinzie's "a big 4 year old".
malichi turns 7!
kinzie starting preschool and LOVING it.
malichi starting FIRST grade!!
lots of ultrasounds and Dr. appointments.
school activities.
halloween events.
christmas shopping almost DONE! Yay!

and just lots more preparing for the twins!!!

We have the nursery all painted and set up. I will post pictures soon of that!

We've got all of those "2nds" bought that we'll need.

We've got the names picked out for our sweet babies!

Now we are just awaiting there arrival!

Kinzie decided way back in July that the babies names would be Lisa and Bam Bam. Those names stuck for a couple of weeks and then she changed there names to Lisa and Max, and then she was dead set that is what the names would be. When I would say how about this name or that name, she would get VERY upset and say "NO. Their names are Max and Lisa. DON'T change the names". We'd be out and about and she would talk to random people and say "My mommy is having 2 babies. A boy and a girl. And there names are going to be Lisa and Max!"

So we decided we better decide on their names early so she could get adjusted to the "real" names. Aaron suggested we use Kinzie's names as middle names. I didn't want to go with Lisa because I don't feel like it "flows" with the names we like, but was considering Max if we went with Maxwell. We decided a while ago that we liked Finley for a boy. And then for a girl, we were back and forth between Stella and Scout. I wanted Scout and Aaron wanted Stella. So he'd come home from work and say "how are Finley and Stella today?" and I would reply "oh Finley and Scout are doing good". I really started to get nervous though that we needed to think of a 3rd girl name that we both liked since we couldn't agree!

Well, on my birthday Aaron came home with the most wonderful gift for me. It was a blue baby blanket with the name Finley embroidered on it, and a pink baby blanket with Scout embroidered on it! I cried when I opened the gift! I was so impressed! I asked him if he did like the name Scout and he said yes. He said at first he didn't but then it grew on him! It was such a thoughtful gift, and I was so happy to be able to call our babies by their names!!!!

Soon we will be welcoming Finley Maxwell and Scout Amelia into this world!

I will be 35 weeks along on monday, and once I hit the 36 week mark, I am in the "safe zone" to have the babies!!!! Wooohooo! And if I haven't had the babies by 38 weeks, I will be induced on Dec. 1st! So that's only 1 to 3 weeks from monday!!!

Both babies are growing well and doing well. At my last ultrasound on Oct. 21st, Finley was 4 lbs. and Scout was 3 lbs. 8 oz.!!! I was so surprised they were as big as they are!

I am sooo ready to have these babies. Besides the fact that I can't wait to meet them, I am just feeling miserable. I am measuring 44 weeks! (if this were a singleton pregnancy)! No wonder I feel so damn uncomfortable all the time!
Sleep is NOT coming easy and hasn't been for a while. I get only a few hours a night of sleep. I can't WAIT to sleep on my stomach again!!!!!! My hips aren't handling all of this very well either and I have had some racing heart issues as well that I was in the hospital for a couple of weeks ago. :( BUT I shouldn't complain too much...LUCKILY I have not been put on bedrest yet! That is a definite plus! I just have to keep reminding myself that it is almost over, and the end result is MORE than worth the pain!

Kinzie and Malichi are so excited for me to have the babies. Malichi says he can't wait to teach them how to play Lego Starwars! And Kinzie says she is going to be my helper and change all the diapers, even the poopie ones. We'll see how long that lasts!!!!

Kinzie asks me almost daily, "are the babies going to come out today?" Such a long time for her to wait!!!! She loves talking to them and every morning she says "Good Morning Finley and Scout!" She looks at my belly and asks "mommy, here did your belly button go?"!

Malichi asks me if my belly button will go back together after they open it up to take the babies out! :) I haven't yet gone into any details on how the babies are really born! He isn't ready for that yet.

They are going to be such good siblings to these babies!

Here is what I am looking like these days......

And probably our last photo as a family of 4...

Oh and one last photo to share. Aaron and were Juno and Paulie Bleeker for Halloween this year! How perfect is that!?


Karin said...

YAY!! Thanks for the awesome update!! I can't believe its almost time for the two babies to make their grand entrance :) and you are looking FABULOUS!!!! Hope the rest of the time you have goes smoothly!

Anonymous said...

its so nice to see a posting again from y ou :)
wishing you an uneventful delivery of your little twins. I love your names! Can't wait to see picts...don't forget to come back and show us those sweet babies!!
Best wishes!
Lisa S.

Kelly Strei said...

I'm excited to meet these little 2 people as well. Good job with the names. That Halloween costume was hilarious! Please let me know how I can help out once the babies arrive. Don't be shy in asking for help!! I'll be thinking good thoughts for you until then.