Saturday, January 31, 2009

2 months

The babies were 2 months on Sunday! I can't believe how the time has gone by so quickly. It makes me sad. I didn't realize I would have such a hard time with the twins growing up! I think because I know these are my last babies, I am having a harder time this time. I want them to stay babies longer!

We had a Dr. appt. on Monday, and the babies had to get their shots. :( They were little troopers though. Finley had such a sad cry as his cries usually are, and we expected Scout to have her pissed off loud as hell scream, but much to our surprise, it wasn't so bad!

Everything is looking good for both babies. Finley is now weighing 8 lbs. 12 oz. and Scout is an even 10 lbs. They seem like they are getting so big, even though I know some babies are BORN at these weights, and my babies are 2 months old.

Nights are still rough a lot of the time. I am so exhausted. They are up about every 2 hours to eat, sometimes 3. So by the time I feed, change, and get one back to sleep, then feed, change and get the other back to sleep, and then fall asleep myself, it is almost time to get up and do it again!!! I could feed them at the same time, but I don't know how well that would go with me half asleep to begin with! Last night they did AMAZINLY well though actually! They slept from 11:30 pm until 4:30 am. Then they were up at 7:30 am again to eat. Please, please babies, continue to do THAT! :)

Both babies have started to smile..FINALLY!!! We were a little worried actually. Our other 2 were smiling a lot at this age, but these two, not so much. Did we not have happy babies? :( But seriously, Monday night, (after the doctor appt. were we talked about our concern of them not smiling) they both started doing it! The big gummy grin when we'd talk to them. I love it! The other night Grammy and I were talking to Fin and he just started smiling and making all these cute faces, so we started laughing, and then his face just lit up and he smiled even bigger. Every time we lauged he would grin ear to ear! So cute! I got a little giggle out of him the other day too!

The babies are sleeping in their crib together now, and have been for about a week. No more carseat sleeping! Yay! Sometimes I can even put them in there crib not quite asleep yet, and they will fall asleep on their own, but much of the time we still have to rock them to sleep, especially Scout!

They love their swings. Any time I need to get something done, that's where they hang out. They are just now starting to like their tummy time. Usually when we put them on their tummy they just like to lay their head down and go to sleep! But now they will look around a lot more. They don't really like their butterfly mat on the floor yet. I don't think they like being flat on their backs. Even at night we have to put them in the little sleep positioners to go to sleep.

Their cries are much easier to tell apart now too. Up until they were about a month, we'd hear one of them cry from the bassinet and we'd guess which it was because the cries sounded very similar. Alot of the time we'd guess wrong. But now, we can definitly tell them apart. Finley still has a newborn sounding cry, and he puts his little pout out and sounds so sad, But Scout has more of a mad, I'm pissed cry, as I've mentioned before!

I've got some new photos to share!

And of course I can't forget my favorite little 4 year old! Miss Kinzie has now decided she DOES like the camera! For so long she would NOT let me take a picture of her. But now that I am taking pictures of the babies, she will let me again! Yay!

Kinzie has been doing much better the past couple of weeks. We've gone out for mommy and Kinzie time a few times, and I've been able to spend more time playing with her, now that the babies are a little older. She just started Dance and Gymnastics, so that is good for her. She loves going to them! Tonight she is going to an ECFE event, Daddy and Me bowling. They get to go bowling and eat pizza, just the 2 of them. She is so excited.

We are trying to find something fun for Me and Malichi to do together, and Aaron and Malichi to do together too so he isn't feeling left out! He does pretty well though, being that he is in school all day. He comes home and has missed the babies, and wants to hold them. Well, either that or he wants to play lego star wars!!!!!

Well, I'm off to feed, and change some babies now!


Kelly Strei said...

They really are miniature versions of Kinzie & Malachi! So cute. Let me know if you need anything!! Seriously!!

Heather said...

Hi Shannon! Just a word of advice from another mom of twins - feed them together!!! That extra sleep is SO worth it. I used boppies on my bed to feed them with each hand. Sometimes I could lounge with my legs up/bent and the baby cradled so to speak in it, then baby 2 right next to me in the boppy. Much more comfortable at 0 o'clock in the morning. Nights were horrendous for six months for me but doing the feeding together was the absolute best thing I did!