Thursday, February 26, 2009

3 months.

The babies were 3 months yesterday. 3 months. already.

Here they are with their new little "softies" and slippers from grammy:

They seem like they are getting so big, but I guess for their age they aren't. They are still in size 1 diapers. Scout is still quite a bit bigger than her brother though.

Scout has been drooling like crazy! Could she already be teething???

Fin is sooo smiley and he laughs now too!

Scout coos a lot and makes lots of fun noises. She loves to "talk" to us.

Both babies have started rubbing their eyes when they get tired! It is so cute! Scout sometimes rubs her nose when she gets tired just like her big sis did when she was littler. It's adorable!

Finley has been sleeping better. He sleeps from about midnight to 5 am straight. Then goes back to sleep until about 7 or 7:30.

Scout still doesn't sleep that well. Usually we can't get them to sleep until 11 or 12 at night. And then she is usually up at 2, 4, sometimes 5, and 7 am to eat. She is much better now about going right back to sleep though.

I am pretty sure they have their days and nights mixed up. They could probalby sleep all morning and early afternoon if I let them!

Scout is still little miss bossy bossy. She is much more demanding than her brother. He is pretty easy going for the most part!

Fin still has his blocked tear duct, so his eye is goopey a lot of the time.

Scout is filling out so much. She's got a cute little double chin going on, and she's getting rolls on her arms and legs.

I am still having to supplement them sometimes at night with formula. I have started taking Fenugreek, so I am hoping that helps my milk supply. I have heard it works wonders!!!

There is still no real set schedule with them yet either. No predictable sleeping or eating times. Although they do have a predictable crabby time, which is at night.

Both of them are soo funny when they are hungry. If someone else is holding them and they start crying because they want to eat, I'll take them in my arms and they'll still cry, but as soon as I unsnap my nursing bra, they immediately stop crying! I swear, when they hear that snapping sound, they know it's time to eat!!

Both of my babies belch and toot like adults! It's hilarious! How can such loud noises come out of these little bodies!?

They both love to look at lights and bright colors. They'll just stare contently at the walls behind us if we are holding them so they can look over our shoulders.

I think both babies are going to be thumb suckers. They both take their nuks, but they try sooo hard to get their thumbs in their mouths. Usually they end up trying to shove their whole fist in their mouths instead.

maybe tomorrow I'll post more of their 3 months photos I took, if I get around to it!

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