Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I think the babies discovered each other today! I think they've always sensed each other, they are usually calmer when they are next to each other. Which of course, makes sense, they were squished together for 9 months in my belly feeling eachothers' every move!!! They never really look at each other though, or react to the other, except for when one cries, the other starts in too sometimes.

But today they were in their crib for their morning nap, and they were totally watching each other. They were cooing and smiling at each other, and Scout kept trying to grab Finley's hand. It was so adorable. I got the tail end of it (until Scout started screaming) on tape, but by the time I got the camera they weren't "talking" to each other as much. Still precious though......

They are going to be best friends!

And about 10 minutes later, here they are napping together. (which unfortunately only lasted about 20 minutes....)

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Kelly Strei said...

That gave me goosebumps. How cool that they "discovered" each other.