Monday, May 25, 2009

Malichi Andrew.

Mr. Malichi. The next birthday we celebrate will be his eighth. 8! My baby is going to be 8! Where has the time gone?

As of now he's lost 5 teeth!! He just recently lost his top 2 and he looks so stinkin' cute with those 2 missing!!!! He had a little lisp at first too!

He is such a wonderful big brother! Everyday after school he is eager to get home to hold and play with the babies. He misses them when he is at school all day!

Malichi is so observant, and inquisitive. He is always listening to us, whether we think he is or not, and he is always asking why. He is curious about lots of things!

I love the things he comes up with to say:

About the twins: "They don't know much about life yet, They are just new learners."

And when Tiffany asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up he said " A parent".
She says, "Do you want to have a job outside the house too".
And he says, "No I want the stay home like my mom does and take care of my kids".

The other day he asks me, "Mom, what was your last name before you married dad?" and I replied "Dotson". He responds with "Well, shouldn't I be a Dotson then since you had me BEFORE you got married"?
I was so surprised by this question! But we have never hid the fact that we had him before we got married. He is IN our wedding pictures after all!

It seems the way home from school is when he really likes to talk to me. One day he was asking me a bunch of questions about alcohol. Can kids be in bars? What about restaurant bars? Does everything they sell at a bar have alcohol in it? What happens to you when you drink alcohol?

I try to be honest with him, without telling him more than is ready to hear.

Yesterday he says to me "My friend at school told me he saw a Daddy in the car with a baby in the backseat, and the Daddy was smoking, AND the windows were all rolled UP!" I said "oh?" and he says "yeah it's true. My friend saw it. I wish that the Dad wouldn't have done that. Is that baby going to die"?

He thinks about these things. He still gets very anxious about certain things. It breaks my heart that he has had to deal with anxiety at such a young age. We have him in a group at school once a week and that has seemed to help him quite a bit. We are working on teaching him how to identify his feelings, and how to handle situations.

He is still working hard at Karate and has earned another stripe. Soccer is just finishing up for the year and baseball starts soon. I think he is excited to do baseball this year instead of T-ball!

He is still our dawdler and I think he always will be! He somehow always seems to find something interesting to stop and look at our touch or climb on!!! He is quite easily distracted and can be so forgetful too! We constantly have to remind him to bring his lunch home, or his coat, or his homework. I don't know how many pairs of mittens we lost this winter at school!

Things Malichi loves:

Having his new room WAY upstairs!

Crossword puzzles, word finds, and his rubix cube.

Pencil buddies. Apparently these are the new CRAZE in school!

Playing quitar hero.

Wall ball.

Doing magic shows for us.

Reading. Especially his Star Wars, Shel Silverstein poem books and Magic Treehouse books. He's got some MAD reading skills!!! :) He is in an accelerated reading group in school and is reading at a 3rd grade level!

He loves math too, and it's another one of his strong points.

I am so proud of Malichi. He is such a good kid.

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