Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello Cici!

Here we are, almost 2 months post surgery, and I am SO happy!!! I feel SO much better. I am more comfortable, my back feels so much better, my body looks proportionate, AND I have been able to buy bras.

From a real store.
NOT online. :)

Shopping has been so much fun. I have been able to buy things I could never have bought before, things I never would have even tried on. I don't have to find things that help minimize my boobs!

The first photo is last summer on vacation, and the second is a photo of me this year on vacation. What a BIG difference, seriously! (Although I do like my hair better last summer in that picture, I might have to go back to that :)


So, my GG's are gone forever, and I will NOT miss them one bit!


Jolyn said...

You look GREAT Shannon! And I love your hair in the recent pic! =)

Kristie said...

Lookin' great my dear!! I am so happy that you are happy. You look GREAT!