Sunday, May 08, 2011

My Mom.

Me and my Mama.


She is the best Mom ever. Seriously. She has been there for me through everything, and I honestly don't think I have ever doubted that once. Even when I was a teenager, and gave her more than her fair share of hell. I have always known she would never turn her back on me, I always knew she loved me, and I am forever grateful for that.

Her and I were talking the other day about the past, and realized that between me and my sisters, she had about 12 years of teenage girls, drama, and one crisis (real crisis, not the teenage girl "oh my gawd my life is over" kind of crisis) after another pretty steadily through those 12 years. But it does not show. If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting my mom, you'd agree. For one, she just looks young, like could be my sister young. And secondly, her spirit has never been broken. She has always, always, had this amazing ability to deal with the cards she has been given, in the most positive manner, always optimistic. But while still taking action, and doing whatever needs to be done for her kids, her family, heck probably even for a perfect stranger. That's just how she is. Compassionate, selfless, loving, beautiful. And I am blessed to call her my mom.

I coudn't have asked for a better Mom in my life, and a better Grandma for my kids!


Happy Mother's Day Mom! I ♥ U!

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Kristie Dustin said...

She is such a great person!! You are very lucky to have her as your mommy!!