Thursday, October 26, 2006

almost halloween....

So Kinzie is feeling MUCH better today. She is back to her normal old self. Wanting to eat all day, fighting with her brother, being bossy. She is a little crabbier than normal though.

But since she was feeling good today, we took some photos of their Haloween costumes. They weren't the most cooperative, so this is the best I got. There are some more on my
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  • if you want to check those out :)

    Aaron's work is having a Halloween party tonight so we are bringing the kids there tonight. Last year they had a lot of fun, so I am excited to bring them again. Although I don't think all the cookies and candy are such a good idea for Kinzie today, and she is NOT going to be happy if I don't let her have any!

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    Liz (djr8girl @ twopeas) said...

    Shannon, your kids are absolutly ADORABLE!!

    I'm glad to hear Kinzie is feeling better. My son is 2 and last winter he got the worse stomach virus, it was so scary! I feel so bad for kids when they get sick.

    Keep up the awesome work with your layouts, photos and site. love them!!

    hugs, Liz