Wednesday, October 25, 2006

my poor girl.

Poor baby girl is sick today. We had ECFE this morning, and she was fine all morning. But she started vomiting really bad at ECFE. She's so pale, and weak. I finally got her to sleep about a half hour ago, but every so often she sits up to throw up, and doesn't even open her eyes. I don't know if she's even awake, but she's still puking :( I am really hoping I can get her to keep down some pedialite so that she doesn't get dehydrated. I don't want her to get so sick she has to go in for IV's like last time! That was rough on her.

So much for my productive day that I was planning on having! I was going to tackle a bunch of things on my mile long to do list! Oh well. It'll have to wait till tomorrow I suppose! Oh darn!

On another note, we went out for my Birthday this past weekend! I had a blast. Steph and Adam, Nate and Joan, and my cousin James and his girlfriend all joined us for dinner and the show at the Comedy Club. It was so nice getting out with some friends, and family, and just having a good time, kid free! :) Mom and Tiff stayed back at the house and watched the kids for us (with no heat!).

Our boiler went out again, and it was freezing in our house again. On Monday night it was so cold that we all slept in the living room. All 4 of us. Not the most comfortable sleeping arrangements but it was the warmest room in the house, since it has the fireplace. We closed off the room by shutting the pocket doors to the dining room, and then we put blankets up to cover the other entry. It actually worked pretty well to keep the heat all confined to the one room. We had a LONG day on tuesday though hanging out in there all day until we got the heat back. SOOOO, our boiler is now FIXED and I am really *hoping* we don't have any more problems with heat!

So...nothing to exciting, but I thought I'd update my blog anyways...

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