Friday, October 20, 2006

busy week!

We've had a busy week! I haven't had much time to "catch up" with things online! :)

I have been scrapping like CRAZY lately though, and this week I managed to get completly caught up with my kid's albums!!! Yay! I have done about 130 layouts in about 6 weeks or so! Not lookin forward to the cost of printing all of that! BUT.. I am sooooooo happy that I am caught up so I can start to scrap the pictures I have just taken. Now to get onto my AMM, growing up, and family albums!

Yesterday we had Kinzie's first laser treatment with the new Dermatologist in Minneapolis. It went SOOOO much better than her last treatment at the old clinic.
I had to give her tylenol w/codeine a half hour before the treatment, which I was nervous about cause it makes me unbelievably sick. But, she did fine with it. I couldn't tell if she was loopy from the medicine, or if it was just cause she's kinda loopy anyways.. but she was just being really funny when we got to the clinic. She did really well letting them take pictures, and look at her birthmark. Last appt. she freaked out and wouldnt let anyone touch her or look at it, when we went in for the new patient exam. Right before they did the treatment, they did one spot on my wrist and on Aaron's so we could see what it feels like for her. It was like a little puff of air, then a sting, then it burned a little. A little painful.

Kinzie cooperated so well. We layed her down on the table, and she just layed there looking at Aaron, as he held her arms, and I held her legs. They covered her eyes, and started the treatment. She didn't even cry until about the third "zap". And then it only lasted about 30 seconds or so. And as soon as we took the gauze off her eyes, and Papa picked her up, she calmed down quickly. She was pretty groggy afterwards from the medication. And today her cheek is super swollen, and purple where they did the laser. But it doesn't seem to be bothering her at all anymore.
It is so hard to watch her go through it, but I am *hoping* she is young enough, that she doesn't remember it. I am so proud of my brave little baby! :)

I am looking forward to Tomorrow night. I am getting together with some friends and family to go out to dinner and go to the Comedy Club for my birthday! Yay! I don't think Aaron and I have been out together without the kids in a LONG time! It will be so fun! :)

Baby girl just woke up crying. Gotta go cuddle her :)

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