Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snow day!

We got lots of snow this weekend, and we took the kiddos out to play today! Malichi loved it, as usual. I think he could stay out all day, and he wouldn't care if he got frost bite! Kinzie, usually doesn't last so long, but today I think we were out for about an hour and a half! The kids had so much fun. There is a huge pile of snow in the yard from the plow that they went sledding down. Here are some of the cute shots I got!

I am sooo proud of my girlie! She's potty training and she is doing wonderful! She has been wearing panties since last saturday. No more diapers! Yay!!!!!!! It feels so good to have NONE in diapers. Kinzie is loving getting new big girl panties! We still do pullups at nap and bedtime, But other than that it's all about the panties! We even had 2 days last week where we were gone ALL day, and she made it through both days with no accidents! :) So proud of her!

Last week I went to Kindergarten registration for Malichi. I can't believe my baby is going off to Kindergarten in the fall! I can't believe that we considered possibly sending him this past year either! I am so glad we had this extra year together! And with the way his first year of preschool went, with all the changes, and going through FIVE different teachers, he just needed one more year of preschool. He is excited to go to Kindergarten though! And the best part is that Waconia is open enrollment for next year! Apparently they haven't had open enrollment in a long time. So, I was so happy to hear that. All his friends from preschool and mom's club are there, and he'll have so many more opportunities there than in Norwood.

And on a not so happy note... I had a bra fitting..... and guess what.. I am a TRIPLE D! No flippin' way. I am soooo not excited about that. NO WONDER I have such a hard time finding bras that fit me! My goodness.... we need to save up for that reduction. For real!

Oh yeah.. I forgot to post last weeks little impromtu valentine shoot we did:
Malichi was so not cooperative! I think he's quite sick of being mommy's little model! But I did get some cute "sick of taking pictures" pictures.

And Kinzie...always happy to pose and show off a little attitude! Especially when mommy bribes with suckers or bubblegum!

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Moni said...

Hi Shannon.
Today i was on your shop and i take some freebies with me *ggg*
I don`t find any way to say thanks so i did it here. Your stuff is great!!

Also you have so cute kids!! Fantastic pics *ohhhhhh*

lovely greetings Moni