Wednesday, March 21, 2007

been a while...again...

So I haven't blogged in forever! Thought maybe I should! This one might be a long one. Lots to catch up on!!! Although I am not sure anyone really reads my blog anyway! Although Mom says Randy Randy, if you read my blog..leave me some comments sometimes! :)

FUNNY STORY...kinda....

A little tip from me: If you are going to have someone check your house for Carbon Monoxide, be prepared for it to be a HUGE deal!

On to the story... It's a long one. Sorry! So last weekend I was not feeling well. All day thursday and friday I had a really bad headache, and I was sick to my stomach, and I was dizzy. Then on friday night, I went out with my sister Rachel and I was gone from probably 4 to 10 pm. All during that time I felt so much better. Then we came back home, and Rachel spent the night. The next morning, my headache was so bad again, and the room was just spinning. I was so dizzy. I called my mom and asked her what she thought. She suggested I see if I can get someone to check the CO levels in our house. Thanks mom... Just kidding. I was wondering the same thing though. SO... I decided to call the police department in Carver county and see about getting a Fireman to come out. I told the lady on the phone that I am the only one feeling the symptoms, and that we DO have 3 Carbon Monixide detectors in the home. But I just said, do you think we should have it checked? And she said yes, that is a very ligitimate reason to have someone come and make sure everything was ok. Plus..with me feeling FINE when I was out of the house..that worried me! SOOOO, she tells me to have everyone wait outside, and someone should be there in about 5 minutes. I go get the kids their coats on, wake up Rach, and tell Aaron whats going on. By the way, this is 8:00 in the morning on Saturday. So we are all sitting in the porch waiting, and less than 5 minutes after I called, we hear sirens. I am like "no, they are not using sirens for this, are they!?" Sure enough, up come THREE FIRETRUCKS, 1 cop car, and an ambulance and park in front of the house!!!! The firemen come up the sidewalk all geared up with their helmets on and everything, asking who is the one that is feeling sick. They put ALL of us in the ambulance, and they gave me oxygen and checked my blood pressure. A few minutes later the firemen come out and tell us that everything is ok and we can go back in the house. I felt like such a DORK! Plus the paremedic was like, the detectors you have will do a good job and they will tell you if you have ANY levels of CO in the house. DUR! But hey...I told them that I had them, and they still wanted to check out the house. Better to be safe than sorry...right?

At least the kids had fun. They got to see inside the ambulance and got to see all the equipment. And even "try" some of it out! :)

So..of course I wasn't feeling better still. So I went to the doctor. Inner Ear Infection. That's all. Although the doctor did tell me to come back in a week if the symptoms persist, and they may have to do a brain scan. Nice. Freak me right out why don't you!


Rachel broke up with Josh! Yay! FOR GOOD this time! I really believe her too this time. I think she really wants to be done with him. I think she really wants better for herself. I hope she realizes she deserves better!
I had a dream the other night that she got back together with him, and I woke up feeling so sad.
I am so proud of her for doing this!

Easter Pictures:

So last week I tried to do the kids' pictures for Easter, and I also did Parker and Kennedies'. Theirs turned out so good cause they actually SIT and LISTEN when they are getting their pictures taken! :) I am so jealous!
Actually Malichi does really good. But Kinzie... well let me just show you how much fun she was to try to take pictures of.....

She so knew what she was doing too. She thought it was so hilarious trying to get me worked up over her not cooperating. All I wanted were a FEW good pics to give out for Easter! Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is!!!

No, just kidding, I did get some cute ones of both Kinzie and Malichi:

Well I think that's a long enough blog post for today! Off to bed! Goodnight!


Liz said...

Hey Shannon! I read your blog all the time so someone out there does read it :) :) So keep posting because I love your blog girl. Your little ones are so precious and your layouts are awesome so keep posting! :)

My son is Kinzie's age and let me tell you what a pain it is to get some good pictures of him and his brother! He thinks it's funny to make faces, wrestle his brother, tickle him etc. I gave up on getting good pictures a long time ago. lol!

I seriously laughed outloud with the ambulance story. OMG, how embarrasing. I'm sure all the neighbors were wondering what was going on.

hugs, Liz (djr8girl @ 2peas)

Nancy Comelab said...

Ha! I am reading it too! :) I'm just a very bad commenter. But hey, let's fix that. I'll add you to my blogroll. :)
LOL on the ambulance story. *g*
And such wonderful photos, Shannon! See you soon!

Holly said...

you silly girl-

how embarrassing!

Super cute pics of the kids- tell everyone hi from me!