Friday, August 10, 2007


I'm spending much of today getting ready for the kid's big birthday bash this weekend! I spent most of the morning cleaning out the pool and starting to refill it. That thing got SO nasty while we were away on vacation, and the fact that we went a while without a cover didn't help much... It was green, and slimy, and had lots of leaves in it! BUT I got it all spic and span, and clean. It's white again on the bottom! Yay! Note to self: DO NOT LET THE POOL GO 2 WEEKS WITH NO CHEMICALS OR COVER!!!

While I did that, the kids' played in the yard with the neighbors. Malichi played football for the first time today with the neighbor boys. It was pretty cute !

And just for fun, some more vacation photos:

And these are for you Randy, since I know you read my blog! (your probably the only one in the fam that does!)

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