Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Spifferz!

Happy Birthday to my sis Tiffany! I hope you are having a GREAT day! Love ya girlie!

We are back from a wonderful weekend back home. We went down on friday night after Aaron got off work, and spent the night at my mom's.
Saturday morning we went out to mineral springs to take some pictures.
Being there reminds me of when Aaron and I were dating back in High School.
It was "our" place.
We'd have picnics out there. And go swinging.
I remember one time we went out there in the winter and we sat there in the snow kissing while it was freezing outside! But I seem to remember the cold wasn't bothering us too much!
I remember when we called Christa while we were sitting on the big hill out there, and told her we were at the park and that I was in labor with Malichi! (I wasn't...we just thought it would be funny to get her all excited I guess!)
We had both of the kids' blessings and 1st birthday parties there!
I hadn't been out there in so long, and it was nice to be back there!

I made my mom tag along so she could take some family pictures of us! And I must say she did a pretty good job! Of course these aren't straight out of the camera, I played with them a bit, but I love how they turned out! And we got so lucky with the weather! It was the first day it did NOT rain in I don't know how long, and it ended being a gorgeous day! Perfect for a photo shoot!

So...let's get on with it already... Here are a few from the day:

In the afternoon I did a senior photo shoot for one of my best friends' brothers. It went great! I haven't had time to go through all of the pictures, but I think we got some really nice ones! I HOPE they will like them! :) I'll share some of the photos later!

Then in the evening, we had a Halloween Party/Birthday party (for me and tiff). Lots of fun! Randy made wild rice soup and we had cake...that me and Tiff got our faces smashed into, and then we went over to the school across the street and played some Halloween games! The kids had a blast!

And if you didn't already know how SHORT I will now see....

After the party we went to the haunted cornmaze (withOUT the kids). And you just might remember my blog post from LAST year when we went and I found out how deathly afraid of chainsaws I am! Well I realized this year I am STILL deathly afraid of Chainsaws! Why I subject myself to this cruelty that my family gets such a kick out of...I have no idea?! This year just might be my last going to those...sorry guys!

Then we spend the day at Aaron' parents on Sunday. We had a nice relaxing day, and they had a little birthday party for me too! I was spoiled this weekend! The kids picked out cake and balloons and a card for me. It was so sweet.
The kids had fun painting with all of grandma's "professional"! They just love painting and doing art projects! I love that they love to be creative!

Soo... now that I have spend my entire afternoon blogging, I should get onto getting some unpacking done!




Karin T. said...

OMG Shannon - I TOTALLY vividly remember reading/watching that post, and almost snorting milk out of my nose :) Thanks for that reminder!!!

Britt(any) said...

ROFL---I *totally* remember last year's Halloween post. Hilarious!!!! Love the new pics!

julie said...

Great pics I wish I were there what a fun weekend. Aarons costume really cracks me up. Next to you your mom is a pretty good photographer

Nancy Comelab said...

Could it be that your husband is just very tall? :)

Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos, Shannon! Looks like you had a fab time!