Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Did you all have a nice Halloween!!!?

We did!

We took the kids out Trick or Treating for a while, and we left a bowl of candy at our house by our pumpkins with a note on it to take 2 pieces! (We weren't sure if some kids might come take the whole bowl!) But, we came back to a completely full bowl of candy! We dont have an outside light, just a light inside our porch, so it is kinda hard to tell if we are "participating" and there are not many kids on our street anyway and the kids I do know of, don't celebrate Halloween. So I figured we wouldnt get too many people :( But don't worry! We came back early enough so we could let the kids pass out candy at our house too! I thought it would be fun for them to get to do both. We only had like 3 kids/pairs of kids stop by but Kinzie thought it was a blast getting to give them candy! When we took her out Trick or Treating she told everyone to come to our house too, so they could take some of our candy! It was cute. Malichi was being shy though, and didn't want to pass out candy at our house. Here's a couple of pics from tonight:

Cute aren't they!?

So...rewind back to Saturday. Kinzie started gymnastics! She LOVED it! She did awesome! It is 45 minutes long and she listened the whole time to her teacher, and did just what she was supposed to! She is getting to be such a big girl! She watched carefully as the other kids took their turn, and then when it was her turn she knew what to do! Like on the bars, she watched the other kids do a flip, and she got up there, and just did it like she knew what she was doing!!! It was so awesome! I am so proud of her! Here's some pics from that:

And of course, Mr. Malichi was doing his own gymnastics while we waited!

Malichi asked Grandma Carolyn to make him a sweater. He wanted it Black and Orange. And I think originally with a tiger on it or something! SO he got his sweater on saturday, and he wore it all day! He was pretty excited about it.

..took the kids bowling last week too. Man we have had a busy week.


And apperently Kinzie's ball didn't quite do what she wanted it to!

And on Monday we carved our pumpkins!

Well.. I guess thats about all for now! We had a busy and fun week, with lots of festive Halloween activities!



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