Monday, November 26, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Can you even believe it is already almost Christmas!? It totally snuck up on me this year!

We kept up our tradition of serving Thanksgiving dinner to people in need up in Duluth this year. The kids did awesome this year too! Malichi walked around and helped me ask people what they'd like to drink and then he helped me bring it to them, and Kinzie brought milks and coffee cups to people! We all had a good time.

After our shift was over, we went to see the movie "Fred Claus". It was a good movie. Kinz slept throught the whole thing, but I think Malichi liked it!

And of course I got up and went to Kohl's at 4 am to do the after Thanksgiving shopping thing on friday! It was even more nuts this year than last year! BUT I am happy to say I am ALMOST done with my shopping! Yay!!!! That feels great! :)

Friday night we did Bentleyville Tour of Lights. And Kinzie actually loved Santa this year and sat on his lap!! Yay!!!

And then we came home on Saturday morning and started the huge task of taking out all our Christmas decorations and setting up our tree!!!!

Here is a glimse of our home at the holidays!

I just love having all my decorations out and my tree up! Now if we could just get our outside lights done without ALL of our NEW lights going out, we'd be set!

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