Friday, December 28, 2007

Santas Little Helpers

...Aren't they cute!?

I am sad Christmas is already over! It really snuck up on me this year! And it was a bit stressful getting everything done before Christmas! Next year I need to get back into my more organized mode, and not be so last minute, so I have time to really enjoy the holidays before they are over! Not that I didn't enjoy the Holidays, I did, I was just busy right up until the day we went to celebrate Christmas with my family! We do still have more celebrating to do yet too, so the festivities aren't over for us! Tommorrow I am going for a spa day with the girls on Aarons side of the family (which I can't WAIT for!), and then we get together with them for New Years to do our Christmas with them. Plus we will get together with my Dad soon too.

Last weekend we spend the weekend with my family. Had our own little Christmas at my moms, and then we went to Hanska to celebrate with everyone.
We ate lots of food, stayed up late playing games, fought over dice game gifts (an old school Nintendo in particular) and opened way too many presents! Might I recommend the games Dirty Minds, and Man Laws-Woman rules! They were hilarious!!!

My mother this year, took the liberty of buying her own Christmas presents for us to give to her; a Tom-Tom GPS and a fireplace for her room, so she just figured we would have all chipped in and got that for her, so instead we could just "pay her back" for it!!! AND so we did.....with 24 ROLLS OF QUARTERS!!!

I gathered up all the $ from me and my siblings, went to the bank and asked the teller:
"so could I get some rolls of quarters"?
she says, "sure"
I say, "Can I get like TEN rolls?"
She says, "yeah"
So I say, "welll... How about 24 ROLLS!!!?"
She looks at me funny and says "well, I don't know that I have 24 rolls of quarters here, that's $240.00 worth you know? So I probably don't have that may rolls here, but somewhere in the bank we do, and I could track some down. But let me check if I need to charge you a fee to do that!"
She didn't need to charge a fee, and was able to give me all 24 rolls!

So I wrapped them up in a shoebox, packed it tightly with a towel so they couldnt shake around, and gave it to my mom!
It was hilarious watching her open it, she was like what the heck did you get me that is so heavy!?

Here she is opening all her quarters!

And some more Highlights from the weekend:

Check out that teamwork!

Kinzie loves her new Christmas Dora jammies!

Aaron was seriously excited about his new programming book that he got for xmas!

I LOVE Shel Silverstein! I hope Malichi does too!

We got snowed in at my Grandmas on Sunday night and ended up staying until monday morning. We headed back to my moms to pick up all our gifts that we left there, which were ALOT! I am super excited about what I got.
Everyone went in together and got me this:

No that isn't my house though, that is a picture from the magazine! I have to exchange mine for a darker color so I haven't been able to put it up yet!

So we packed up our van, stopped to have lunch with Aaron's parents, and headed home for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to ourselves!

And it was so nice and relaxed! And believe it or not, I was soooo laid back! I know I can totally get anal about stuff, and feel the need to clean the house all the time, especially with boxes, and wrapping paper and stuff EVERYWHERE, but I DIDN'T!!!! I was pretty proud of myself! haha!

We made our cookies for Santa.

Check out this ginormous Santa cookie I made!

And it was yummy!

After dinner, we opened presents.

Look what Malichi made for me! Isn't that sweet!?

And then after we put the kids to bed, Aaron pulled out a card and present for me! :) We weren't going to get eachother anything. But he got me a very sweet card, and get this... a 12 pack of Diet Cherry Coke, and some chocolate! :) It was sweet. Thanks babe! Sorry I didn't have anything for you under the tree this year! :(

Christmas morning we got up and of course ran to see if Santa came! He did. And he ate ALL the cookies, and left the kids a little note!

The kids opened their Santa gifts, and checked out their stockings and then for breakfast we made Rainbow pancakes (pancakes with whip cream and sprinkles)! YUM-O!

Malichi got some more snow globes to add to his collection! I think he has 20 or so now!

And Kinzie got her baby "sister" that she asked for! Now if Santa could just bring her a REAL sister, that'd be great!

And after that we spent the rest of the day relaxing, and playing with the kids! It was wonderful!


Wednesday, however, wasn't so wonderful... at least for Aaron. He got all four wisdom teeth out and another tooth pulled that had an infection in it!!! So he has had the whole week off to take it easy after having that done! Everything went well, and he is feeling pretty good.

Sooooo that was long winded! I'll try to post more often so I don't have such ginormous posts from now on! K!? :)

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Holiday!


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