Thursday, January 03, 2008

The funny things she says....

We were getting into the van today to go get Malichi from school. I was standing on the street by Kinzie's door getting her buckled into her carseat. She says to me, "Be careful Mom, don't get hit by a Reindeer!". I laughed and said "ok Hunny, I will be careful." Then she says, "If that happened, that would be bad. Cause then Santa would be on the Naughty List!"

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Anonymous said...

*lol* Kids are the best. My BF's son and I were making strawberry shortcakes last night, and he told me that I couldn't put the rest of the stick of the butter away because 'cookers leave everything out when they are cooking, don't you know that?!'

Oh! And I totally love your Christmas Magic kit and used it recently, so I will leave you a little linky. Even if it was just that one multi-colored bg, I would have bought it. :)

LeeAndra <><
leeandragayle AT yahoo DOT com