Saturday, January 12, 2008

Just like his daddy....

Malichi is just like his Daddy. He loves to figure out how things work. He loves to learn. He is loving math right now. And he is one smart kid. He'll grow up and be just like Aaron; doing algebra for FUN! :)

Steph and Adam got Malichi some new workbooks for Christmas. And even with all of the craziness of Christmas and everyone in the house, he found his own spot to sit down and do some adding and subtracting! :)

We had Christmas with Aaron's side of the family on New Years Eve and New Years Day.
I am just now finally getting all my pictures sorted out from then and thought I'd share a few!

Here's one of little miss princess. This look is so her isn't it!?

So Aaron and I had a shirt made for Adam.... and I JUST love the reaction we got as he opened it! The shirt says "Never trust a fart"..... I don't know that I am at liberty to share the story behind it on my blog...soooooo... use your imagination I guess! :) haha

When Aaron had his wisdom teeth taken out after Christmas, he had to get one of his front bottom teeth pulled as well because of an infection. And he can't get a temporary tooth in there for about 6 for the time being he is toothless in that spot! So Christa bought him some chicklets for a temporary fix! :)

We had yet another wonderful Christmas celebration! Here are a few more photos.

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Mi said...

Hello Shannon, I´m Michele ( Mibraun), brazilian.... I´ve seen your LOs and I´m here to know your blog. Congrats for all... Hugs. Mibraun