Friday, March 14, 2008

so proud....

So first, I've got to show ya my new RED wall in my living room! My living room needed a mini makeover. So I painted the big wall behind the couch red, and put some brand new prints up!

I found these great frames on sale for $10.00 each the day after thanksgiving, and I just bought black matting, and framed a couple of my favorite prints.

* * * * *

We had Malichi's conferences last night! They went GREAT! He is doing so well in school! He started the year out at a 3/4 reading level, and he is now at a 12/14! Isn't that amazing! I am so proud of my boy! :) He loves doing math in school, and art. He is doing really well in all the areas....except for a little time management.
He takes after me, and is a perfectionist when it comes to his artwork or projects. He really likes to take him time, and do his best work. But he gets really upset if he messes up a drawing or something. He'll draw a big X on it and start over! His teacher has really been working with him on not being dissapointed in himself if he makes a mistake, and that he can still finish his project, and also to manage his time better so he can finish his projects in the time allowed.

Overall he is doing awesome in school and loving it!

Proud Mama I am.

* * * * *

Kinzie is sick....again. She started throwing up this morning around 10 am. This is the 3rd time in 3 weeks. Seems that about every weekend she is throwing up lately. I am taking her in to the Dr. on Monday to have her checked out. I am just worrying a little because I don't think it is the flu. She is fine, no fever, feels fine, and then all the sudden she is throwing up. She throws up a TON at once, then after that she is fine. No more puking, no fever, no tummy ache. And it has been like that all 3 times! Plus none of us have gotten the stomache flu, and with this being her third time being sick, you'd think at least ONE of us would have gotten it by now.

I am just so sick of cleaning up puke! And I feel so bad for her because she has had to miss so many of her activities lately because of it :(

My poor girl.

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