Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Funny Girl....

Last weekend we visited my friend, Kim and her husband, Nick and their baby Georgia. While we were there, we were looking at photo albums. I came to a picture of Kim just a few days before she had Georgia. I showed the picture to Kinzie and said, "look Kinzie, in this picture Kim still had the baby in her tummy". She looked at me in utter confusion, and then said "Did she SWALLOW the baby"? It was too cute!


Nancy Comelab said...

Lol - the things kids say... hey my friend! How have you been? I've missed ya!

I hope all is well. I am loving the wall in your living room with those gorgeous framed photos!


Jess said...

Nice! Kinzie is quite the funny one - then again, so are her mommy & daddy! :) Tee hee!