Wednesday, March 25, 2009

busy busy

Life has been busy as usual...

Swimming lessons has started, so now the kids have that as well as dance, karate, and gymnastics. Soccer and T-Ball/baseball start soon too! Kinzie is so excited to be old enough for those this year!

Me and Grammy took the kids to the Children's Museum 2 weeks ago. We went with Kristie and her kids. We had a blast! I was so excited to take them to the museum because it has been a while. I usually take them twice a year or so, but we hadn't been there since last spring!

Kinzie was in heaven in the "our world" exhibit; particularly the grocery store.

Kinzie got creative with the face painting. Such a little artist. She was so sad when we had to wash it off.

Malichi LOVES the water station at the museum. Always the exhibit he looks forward to. He made some pretty big bubbles!

Malichi making his own paper.

Just a cute shot of Kinz.....

And the babies did surprisingly well considering this was an all day outing!

This past weekend we FINALLY had some beautiful weather and we were able to take the babies out to experience the fresh air!!! Yay! We took a walk up to the park and spend most of the afternoon outside! I think the babies enjoyed it!

And the big kids got some much needed fresh air and time to burn off some of that built up energy!

It was such a lovely day!

I've got the "new" nursery all painted, and completely finished too. I will post pictures of that soon.

Me and Malichi have been sick, he is better now, I still have a cold. Kinzie is sick now too:( But I am hoping we can all get healthy and I am hoping to see some of that nice spring weather again soon so we can get back outside!

Oh yeah...and the babes turned 4 months old today. Can you believe it?! Shots tomorrow :( I'll be doing a 4 month post soon! :)

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