Friday, March 27, 2009

a happy room for happy babies.....

Photos of the babies nursery as promised! :)

So we had the nursery all painted, and pretty much put together, and then I decided to move them to the smaller bedroom and our bedroom into their nursery which is the bigger room. SO...we had to RE-paint. Grammy and I got it all painted last week finally! We did Scout's wall pink, Finley's wall green, and the other 2 walls brown. We painted the dresser and changing table to match as well! It's so cute and bright and cheery in their now! I love it!

(the color in these pictures doesn't do it justice though.... the colors are much nicer in real life)

I got ambitious and made some canvas paintings for the wall. I can't take too much credit though... I love the Carter's elephant and giraffe that is on some of the babie's clothes, so I copied those and freehanded some myself! I don't know what it is about their elephant..but I think it is so flippin' cute!

the nursing corner. i painted the picture on the wall.

Meet Elvis (the lion) and Mac (the monkey). These are stuffed animals I bought for the babies a few months ago. I saw them in the window of a cute little shop in town, and just had to have them for the babies. Finley reminds me of a little lion with that wild reddish hair he was born with, and I've always said Scout is my little monkey with that dark hair that sticks straight up and those big eyes!

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Kelly Strei said...

Can I hire you as my interior decorator? That room is beautiful!!!