Monday, March 30, 2009


.....all of my home videos since the babies were born. They are gone.

I am devastated.

I dropped my EHD on the floor, and it no longer works.

I do not have my home videos backed up anywhere else. Other things not backed up that are on there: Steph and Adams wedding invites I have been working on. A bunch of designing tools and resources. Some scrapping stuff that I have bought. Tiffany and Eric's wedding video. Some designs I have been working on. About 20 new layouts I have made. The more I think about it, the more I am realizing is not backed up yet.

If you know me, you know I am A N A L about having back ups. I back everything up once a month to cd/dvd. I keep a copy at my mom's in case of a fire or something here. I keep everything on my EHD. I keep a copy in a "grab and go" box in my front room in case of a fire. I keep full size files of photos on my flickr.

I however, did not know about I will be doing this from now on as well.

So anyway, with the craziness of life these days since the twins were born, I have not managed to get everything backed up yet and now I am so mad at myself. I DO have all of my photos since they were born and I am soooooo thankful for that.

We are looking into a Data Recovery place. It will cost between $500 and $950. Not too cheap, but I will be heartbroken if I do not have hospital videos of my twins.

I am lost without my EHD. My whole life is on there.

I am just praying they can recover the data.

So go now, and BACK UP ALL YOUR STUFF!

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