Saturday, April 04, 2009

4 Months.

The babies turned 4 months old last week! They are growing and changing. Fin is still the peanut. He is 12 lb. 7 oz. Scout is 14 lbs. It is amazing to me that they are so different in size! They are both healthy and thriving and that makes me a happy mama.

my precious little sugar.

my sweet boy.

This age is so much fun!

Finley is so ticklish. His feet, his tummy, under his chin...he giggles. I love it. Silly boy.

I love how easy it is to get Fin to smile. Sometimes I'll look over at him and he is watching me and smiling for no apparent reason.

Scout loves to hear herself squeal. She has become very loud over the past few days. She does this cute little shoulder shrug when she "talks" to us.

They are interacting with each other more and more. Fin looks at his sister so adoringly with a little grin on his face, and then she'll just look at him like "yeah whatever".

Scout has been a lot less....... angry. No more angry little monkey. The tables have turned actually. Finley has been the fussy one lately, and Scout has been pretty content. Don't get me wrong...she still has her fits, just not as often. A few nights ago she even pulled a Finley and slept until 4:30 am! I was shocked. But Fin however, did not. He was up a lot to eat. He no longer does his midnight to 5 am thing. I can't wait for the day I can get more than an hour or two of sleep at a time! They do still have their fussy time at night after dinner, but I think it is starting to get better. They are going to bed about 10 now, instead of like midnight!

Fin has been eating more than his sister too! I think he is trying to catch up to his "little" sister!

There have been lots of firsts. First time in the exersaucers, first cereal, first trip to the park. They loved being outside! I loved being able to take them outside!!!! They weren't so sure about this whole cereal thing though. It didn't help them sleep through the night either, and our pediatrician said most likely it wouldn't make a difference. So, I am going to hold of on giving them cereal for a bit longer. All they really need until 6 months is breast milk, plus I am in no hurry for them to grow up!!!

I love baby rolls.

Fin has this new face he loves to make.

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