Saturday, August 08, 2009

8 months

The twins are 8 months now. I know... another way late post. I had it all done like 2 weeks ago, just never got the pictures added and published!

I think my days of getting monthly pictures of the 2 of them together are's impossible.

Here is what has happened in the last month!

Scouts bottom 2 teeth came in.

Fin has one on the bottom.

Scout gets all over the place, she is almost crawling. She gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. She pulls herself with her arms and does an army crawl. She can get herself all over the room.

Scout has started growling and she does it all the time! Such a cute little monster!

Oh and she bites with her new teeth too! Finn still bites some, so I am hoping he quits before his teeth come all the way in!

Scout loves to stand, and pull herself up on things. She loves to bounce and jump in her exersaucer.

Both babies are having some seperation anxiety. Finley gets scared of new people a lot. Scout doesn't really like when men hold her except her Daddy and a select few others! And sometimes if someone new holds her or talks to her she'll cry, even if it is a woman. She has become SUCH a mama's girl. I try to hand her off to someone and she'll cry and put her arms out back to me. Even when I hand her to Papa sometimes.

Finley is such a sensitive little boy. If people are laughing, or talking loudly or clapping, he cries. He doesn't like loud noises.

They have both decided they love the sippy cup! That usually entertains them for a while, even if they don't really drink out of it much.

Both of them put their arms up when they want to be picked up. I have such guilt when they both have their arms reaching up to me and I can only pick up one. :(

They love to reach up touch our faces when we are close enough. They both know their names, and look when we say their names. They've been doing that for a while.

Finley is still so ticklish. EVERYWHERE. I'll be getting him dress and buttoning the shoulder buttons of his shirt and he'll just giggle because I touched his neck! It doesn't take much to make this little boy squeal with laughter! I love it!

Scout has started to giggle more too, finally! She is always happy and smiling, but now she too squeals with laughter. She has gotten very loud too, she loves to talk, babble, growl, squeal. I think she just loves to hear herself make noise! She says "da da da da da" all the time!

Both of the babies are now sleeping on their tummies. I love it when they sleep like that with their little butt up in the air!

Scout loves to explore. She is so curious. If we move a toy, and put it under a blanket, she'll move around looking for it.

Finley gets around by turning himself in circles on his tummy! But usually he's pretty content to just play with whatever is within his reach.

They still nurse quite often, and they still get up about 2 times each during the night to eat.

They are both great eaters! We haven't found a food yet that they don't like. We have started giving them puffs too, which they LOVE. Just in the past few days their eye hand coordination has gotten really good. They have figured out how to pick them up themselves and get them to their mouths, instead of me having some in my hand and them sticking their tongue out and putting their mouth down to my hand to get them.

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