Tuesday, October 06, 2009

10 months

Another late monthly update.... :(

Well here they are at 10 months. 2 not so little babies anymore with 2 totally different little personalities forming.

Scout has started giving kisses! She is pretty particular of who she will give them to. Most of the time she will only give them to Finley. I'll say "give Finner a kiss", and she'll gladly slober on him with a big smile on her face and her mouth wide open!

Finley has started waving "Bye Bye".

She has started to nod her head "Yes". I'll say "do you want more", she'll nod yes. When Finley wants more, he'll sign "more"...although it could be that he's just clapping. I am not sure!

He claps all the time. Anytime you say "yay", he'll start clapping. He does "so big", and always claps for himself afterwards!

Finley still does his little inchworm crawl for the most part. Once in a while he will get up on all fours and go a few "steps" before he plops down on his tummy and off he goes! He is super fast!

Baby races are fun with these two. Finley almost always wins...and Scout doesn't seem to care too much.

Scout has taken a few steps. She'll go from the couch to the coffee table taking 2 or 3 steps! And she loves to stand all by herself. She can balance herself for a few minutes at a time now, and she just shows this proud smile while she does it!

Finley now has an easy time pulling himself up onto everything, and he has started walking along furniture now too. He is going to be a little monkey. He has learned how to squirm out of the super tight buckles in the highchair and STAND UP in it. Not sure what I am going to do about this, but it is quite scary. He also can get himself out of the excersaucer which we learned the hard way, so I guess it's time that we get rid of that!

Finley got 2 more teeth. His top outer ones; making a total of 4 teeth for him. Scout has 6 teeth now.

Finley has started saying "mama". Scout will make the noise but usually goes "mamamama" a whole bunch in a row. But Finley will just say "Mama". They both say "DaDaDaDa" as well. Scout is loud as always, and loves to just yell when we are in public places. I think she loves to hear her own voice.

They love to entertain each other from across the room in their cribs! They'll just giggle at each other! I have no idea what they are doing that is so funny, but if I try to sneak in to watch them, they always see me, and then they just jump up and down wanting to get out. I wish I had a video monitor!

Finley and Scout both know the word "no", but they don't always listen to it. Usually they will stop, look at me, smile, and continue what they were getting into.

Scout is our little explorer. She loves to inspect everything she gets her hands on. She'll move it from one hand to the other, turn it around, shake it, and then eventually she might put it in her mouth. Finley on the other hand, anything and everything he finds goes straight into the mouth.

Scout has started to love her nuk. She hoards them. I have a feeling she is going to be just like her sister. She'll put one in her mouth, crawl around the floor and gather up as many as she can, and then try to carry them around and crawl at the same time. Finley couldn't care less about his nuk. We give it to him and he sticks his tongue out pushing the nuk out. The only time he'll take it is when we are trying to get him to sleep, and even then he'll spit it out a few times before he takes it. He does, however, love to take Scout's nuk out of her mouth and play with it.

We have started quite a few new foods with the babies this month. They are getting a lot more table food now. Finley loves it, but Scout is still unsure about a lot of it. I just think she really doesn't like stuff with texture. They still get baby food, but if what we are eating is something they can eat, then they get that. They love bananas, spaghetti, yogurt, and stuffing. They still love their puffs and yogurt bites too.

As for the schedule, Finley and Scout are taking 2 naps a day, sometimes 3 still! But that is usually only if their afternoon nap was early or too short. Finley has decided it's cool to get up around 5 or 5:30, and Scout is up usually when I get Malichi up for school at 6:30. So by 9 or 9:30 am they are ready for their first nap. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays I have to wake them up at 10:30 to go get Kinzie from preschool. Then by about 12:30 or 1 after lunch, they are ready for a second nap. Most days I have to wake them up at 2:20 to go get Malichi from school. And then once in a while they will sleep again around 4 until about 5 pm. I hate having to wake them up from their naps everyday! I wonder how long of an afternoon nap they would take if I didn't have to wake them.

And nights....well..they are still getting up. They go to bed around 7:30 or 8. They'll sleep until about 12 and wake up to eat. Then they will wake up again around 4 to eat. I am still nursing them, so I think part of it is comfort, and part of it is that I am not producing quite enough to get them really full to last them all night long. We've started giving them some formula at bedtime after I nurse them, hoping that will help them sleep through the night a little better. I could really really use a full night of sleep. REALLY...

A couple more pictures...

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