Sunday, November 01, 2009

11 months.

The Twins are 11 months. Just one month away from ONE!! It is hard to believe....

One year ago today, I was awaiting the arrival of my 2 precious babies and I looked like this.....

And now... those 2 precious babies are growing up and look like this:

Scout is pretty much walking now. For over a month now she has been taking a few steps at a time, but recently she really started walking more. She'll still crawl when she wants to get somewhere quickly, but a lot of times now, she'll let go of whatever she is holding onto and walk until she loses her balance, and then she'll plop down and crawl to get the rest of the way.

Finley is crawing the "normal" way all the time now. I miss his cute little inchworm crawl! But he sure looks cute crawling around on all fours too! :) He walks along the furniture and when you are holding his hands, but he has no interest yet in doing it on his own!! I don't think I am ready for 2 walkers quite yet it's all good!

We have transitioned to mostly table food, with just a little bit of baby food once in a while. They love getting to eat what we eat, and I love being able to let feed themselves so I can actually eat! They love to feed themselves! A few of their favorites are bananas, cooked carrots, macaroni and cheese, or any kind of pasta really, waffles, pizza, yogurt. We haven't found much that they really don't like actually! They are really good eaters!

They are still nursing, and are supplemented with formula some as well. They nurse in the morning when they get up, before their morning nap, before their afternoon nap, before bed, and then they STILL get up and nurse a couple times during the night. I am hoping they transition out of this soon! They usually go to bed at 7:30ish and then they get up to eat around 11 or 12 and again around 3 or 4. We give them formula before bed most nights in hopes that they will sleep longer, but apparently it isn't working all that well! And then if I nurse them and they aren't full, then Daddy usually gives them a bottle.

Both of them are getting more and more vocal. They both say "Mama", and "Dada", and Scout says "mom" too. She'll be up in her crib yelling, "mooooooom" after she wakes up from her nap! They make lots of other sounds too, but mama and dada are the only ones so far that we know they are associating with something. Although when Scout wants more to eat she gets really REALLY loud and lets us know she wants MORE! :)If you ask her if she wants more, she shakes her head "yes".

She still does her little head nod all the time! When we say "Scout are you a pretty girl"? She smiles and shakes her head "yes". :)

Finley has 5 teeth now, and his 6th one is almost through! Scout's teeth seem to be coming in nice and straight just like Kinzie's and Finley's are crooked just like Malichi's! It is so weird how similar they are to their same sex siblings!!!

Finley loves to play "drop the baby"! We hold him and pretend to "drop" him, and of course we catch him right away, but he just giggles and giggles! When we say, "Finley, do you want to play drop the baby", he throws his head back getting ready for it! And Scout loves to play the game too, but I think she loves to watch Finley play it even more... she loves to laugh at him laughing!

Another new game to him, is throwing EVERYTHING, thanks to Daddy! A couple weeks ago Daddy was playing with the babies while they were in their cribs after they woke up from their nap. He was tossing a nuk into the crib, and then Finley was grabbing it and tossing it back out, and the babies thought it was the funniest game! It was hilarious to watch! he wants to do that with everything! When I put him in his crib, he stands up and throw his nuk, blankie, baby and anything else that is in the crib out and starts giggling as he waits for me to throw it back in! Or when he is in his stroller and I give him a nuk...he tosses it over the side. Or when he is in the highchair and he is done eating, he tosses the food over and giggles. It was cute at first... but can we be done with that one now Finley?

Both of them wave a lot now too. If you wave or say "hi" or "bye" they will wave at you! (sometimes anyways)

They both give kisses too. But they are still on the kick of only wanting to give them to eachother. Once in a while I can get them to give me one, if I am lucky. Scout has started to pat people's backs to when they are holding her. It is too cute. They both love to snuggle and cuddle.

Scout loves to dance to music too. She'll jump and bounce around, and sway side to side. Finley just loves to bounce to the music.

Finley was supposed to have his eye surgery on the 28th, but shortly after we saw the eye Doctor and scheduled the surgery for his blocked tear duct, his eye completely cleared up!! It hasn't been goopey, or crusty or anything! Yay! So we were able to cancel the surgery! I am so relieved!

This past month has been a really fun one with the twins. They are developing such personality!

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