Saturday, May 01, 2010

the surprise visit to texas.


Tiffany and Eric didn't know that me and Grammy were joining Mom and Rachel on their trip to Texas! It was such a fun surprise.

surprise trip to texas from shannon carlson on Vimeo.

The trip was much too short, just Friday through Sunday. But we crammed in lots of fun stuff in that short time.

Genghi's Mongolian grill and Grammy deciding to throw her pop all over us!:P
Shopping and I didn't even buy ONE thing!
Being introduced to the famous Kirklands my mom always talks about
Visiting Katie
Surprising Eric
Touring Fort Hood and the area Tiff and Eric live and work
Eating at Dead Fish restaurant on the lake and sharing our table with lots of bugs!
Piling up on Tiff and Eric's ONE couch to watch The Fourth Kind
Garage Saling
The 2 1/2 hour squishy trip to San Antonio....with just a few complications...
Maggianos in San Antonio
The River Walk in San Antonio
Ripley's Believe it or Not haunted house (complete with a man and a chainsaw, much to my family's amusement)
Guiness Book of World Records Museum and practicing our drumming skills, of which I have NONE.
Tomb Rider 3D ride
Hard Rock Cafe on the River Walk
Driving home from San Antonio in the middle of the night
Lots and lots of girl talk (sorry Eric)and lots and lots of over-tired laughter
Taking lots of photos
Cramming in last minute souvenir shopping for the kids




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