Tuesday, June 01, 2010

the coolest new thing in my 8 year olds world...


is the set of braces he got today. Isn't it funny how kids are actually excited about getting braces?! I suppose until he realizes that they actually do hurt! He is so excited to show all of his friends!

Kinzie says it's no fair that Malichi gets to get braces and she doesn't. Oh dear, you just wait....sadly, your perfect baby teeth might not be straight when they are adult teeth! Your time will come! :P



Malichi has 2 teeth in crossbite; two top left teeth going behind the bottom teeth when he bites. So they had to put glue on his back bottom molars to open up his bite so the top teeth have room to push out in front of the bottom ones, and so when he bites he doesn't hit the top braces with the bottom teeth that go in front. With that glue on there, his teeth don't touch when he bites so it's pretty uncomfortable for him right now, not to mention, hard to chew!



So there he is sporting his new braces, with bands in gold, silver, blue, and green, all metallic. Isn't he adorable!?

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Kristie said...

Awesome Malichi! Lookin' good!!