Thursday, October 07, 2010

Big kid beds for the twins...


This was entirely against my own wishes.

Back at the end of June, (at not even 19 months old) Finley climbed out of his crib, and fell on his head on the wood floor. Yet another head injury for my poor son. So, I had no choice. It was time for toddler beds.

And of course, I couldn't move one to a bed, and keep the other confined to a crib. That just wouldn't be fair! So, even though Scout had not climbed out of her crib or ever tried, we put her in a big kid bed too.


Toddler beds were NOT an easy transition...for us, as parents. For them? They loved it. They had the freedom to get up. They quickly figured out that they could explore.

It started with getting out of their beds, and pulling out every single article of clothing from their dresser and making a huge pile in the middle of the room.

Then they some how managed to get all pictures off the wall. (luckily they were canvas and didn't have glass)!

They managed to get their toddler toothpaste out of the changing table, and I found them each with a tube in their mouth, sucking the toothpaste out. Luckily it was the "safe if injested" kind!

Then they learned how to climb on top of the dresser. One day I went in to check on them after hearing Scout crying on the monitor. I walked in to find them both standing on their dresser, and Finley was trying to push Scout off!

So we had to rearrange the room because they were climbing from their beds to the dresser, we removed pictures from the wall, took everything off the dresser and the changing table.

When we moved everything off their dresser, Aaron put a piggy bank in the back of their closet. One day I went in to check on them at nap time, and I walk in and the piggy bank was shattered on the floor and Scout holds out her hand, saying "Owie Mommy, Owie". She had apparently dropped (or thrown) the piggy bank, and cut her hand on on it, just a small cut, but she wasn't even crying. Just showing me her owie!

So I cleaned out the closet too.

Then they figured out how to open their drawers and use them as stairs to get to the top of the dresser.

They've figured out that Scout's bed is on wheels, and move it in front of the door during nap a lot of days, blocking the door.

And now they can turn the light on, so that almost always goes on as soon as walk out after tucking them in. We usually have to go back in a few times and put them back in their beds, and turn out the lights. Eventually they get bored and crawl into their beds and go to sleep. For a while we would find Scout sleeping on the floor right next to Finley's crib, and a few times they were asleep together in one bed.



This was the damage they did one day before they finally got in their beds and took a nap. (this was while I was in the basement, thinking Daddy was upstairs in his office and would put them back to bed if they got up, while Daddy was actually taking a nap thinking I had the monitor with me downstairs and would hear them if they got neither of us heard them)


Oh how I miss being able to put them in their cribs, say goodnight and the most they can do is jump in their cribs and giggle at each other.

They have have been in beds for over 3 months now, and they aren't even 2 yet! I don't think we moved Kinzie and Malichi to beds until they were almost 2 1/2, and even then it was because we thought "it was time", not because they were climbing out.

I guess with twins, what one doesn't think of, the other does! They have been way more mischievous than our other 2 were as toddlers!

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Kristie said...

Wow, reading everything they have done makes me tired, I can't imagine having to clean up all of that!! Even though I have heard it all from you before, I still have to laugh reading about it all again. I guess maybe it is more funny for me than you! : )