Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the terrible two's.


...have set in.

Ok, let's be honest. They set in a long time ago. But now it's official. They are two, and sometimes terrible. And if it's not one twin, it's the other, but mostly it's both.

On this particular day, the twins woke up from their nap and I heard them talking on the monitor. I needed a few more minutes to finish whatever I was doing, so I left them in their room for probably like 10 minutes. Then I went in to get them up, and they proudly showed me what they had been up to.





Apparently we left a new, full tube of desitin on their changing table.

I put them in time out by the wall, while I ran the bath water. Meanwhile they smeared their hands all over the wall, leaving greasy desitin streaks and little handprints all over.

Clean up for this little stunt of theirs was not fun!

Things that desitin does NOT come out of:

bed skirts

It does come out of hair, and off the skin. But not so easily.

I guess we hadn't toddler proofed their room as well as we thought.

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