Sunday, January 23, 2011

solitary confinement

...well except that they aren't alone. They still have each other.

But their room is now down to 2 beds. That's all. No other furniture. No toys.


After we took the nuks away, naptime got even harder. As soon as I left the room they would instantly get up and start playing. Well, trashing their room is really more like it. We had this problem before, just not as bad.

They've learned how to open the drawers of the dresser, even after I put on the child drawer locks. And when they get into the dresser they throw every single piece of clothing out, including ripping apart the matched up socks.

They open the closet doors and pull out all of the clothes off the rack, and take them off the hangers.

If you look closely you can see them in the back of the closet taking clothes off hangers.


They move Scout's bed all over the room. They learned to open the bedroom door now too.

I bought black out curtains hoping if the room was dark they would lay down and go to sleep. It helped some. But not enough.

At naptime I sit and watch them on the monitor and when I see them get up I yell to them, "get back in your beds" from outside the door. Then I watch them look around confused and quickly scurry back to bed. We do this over and over every few minutes until they finally give up and go to sleep. Or until I finally give up and let them get up.

(sidenote:I would highly recommend a video monitor if you have twins, not only for safety but for entertainment as well; it's hilarious to watch them conniving).

Last Sunday, as they were supposed to be napping, I watched them get up from their beds, and I gave them a few minutes to see if they would get back into bed on their own. They didn't. Instead they moved Scout's bed, and Finley's bed too(not sure how they moved his because it's not on wheels). I went in their room and they had both beds pushed up to the dresser, and they were standing on top of the dresser fighting.

So, I called Aaron in and decided that we needed to move all of the furniture out of their room. Not only for their safety, but for my sanity as well.

So we took everything out except their beds, blankies, and stuffed animals that they sleep with.

The next day I put a lock on the closet door, put a child-proof door knob cover on the door, and anchored the beds TO THE WALL! Ha!

I am not sure there is anything else I could do to childproof in their room. But I am sure they will still find something to get into.

But for now, naptime has gotten better. They still play and giggle,and go back and forth in each others beds. But they do get bored quicker and go to their own bed and fall asleep eventually.


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Kristie said...

Little stinkers!! They are hilarious! Give em' time, they might think of more ways to get in trouble! : )