Sunday, October 16, 2011

My turn...29

I have officially begun my last year of my 20's! Ugh! I am too young to be this old!!!

I spent the day shopping and enjoying lunch at noodles with my 2 favorite twins, my mama, and one of my best friends, Kristie and her Chasey. Then Mom took all the kids to target while I enjoyed a much needed pedicure!

That night, we went out for a fabulous evening out with our wonderful friends and family! We had dinner and a late show at the comedy club, and then went to Chino Latino for drinks and appetizers!

I am so blessed with wonderful family and friends, and a wonderful Grandma who will come babysit my kids so I can get a night out for my birthday! :)

Love these girls!

We celebrated with the kids the following day. They made me a lovely cake and we just enjoyed the day together! :)

It was a perfect end to my 20's! 

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