Thursday, May 24, 2007

feeling sad today...

Blake was kicked off last night *weep*. I knew it was comin'. Jordin is awesome too, but I just love Blake! We watched with the kids last night, and they were so cute getting into all the music and stuff. Kinzie was up dancing. She was trying to beat box too. It was HILARIOUS. I wish I had gotten it on tape.

So guess what my son did today? He decided it'd be a good idea to cut his sisters hair! AHH. I was not a happy mommy this morning! I won't have to get her hair cut to "fix" it though, so that's good at least. It was like 3 spots on one side of her head that he cut. I went downstairs to brush my teeth, and I come back up and Kinzie says "Malichi cut my hair" all excited with the hair in her hand ready to "show it off". And he looked at me like Oh S*@& I know I wasn't supposed to do that! Kinzie thought it was great though, she wanted him to keep cutting! I have a feeling I am going to need to keep scissors away from her for a while, so she doesn't "get him back"!!!

and a little TOOT to finish off my post for today. Nancy Comelab has asked me to be on her CT! I love Nancy and her designs! And she's gonna be on my team too! :)


Holly said...

Hey Shan,
Sorry I missed you when I was home- but don't worry- I'll be moving closer sometime soon!

Who did I see? My goodness- everyone. Any boy from our class that you'd think might now play softball and any girl who would be interested in watching- they were definitely there. It was a little nuts! :)

Nancy Comelab said...

What an awesome synergy hey? ;) Love ya, chica!