Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Exciting stuff coming up this weekend! :)

This weekend is the big relaunch of My Digital Muse. Join us for prizes, challenges, and tons of fun!
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And to celebrate the new relaunch, will be having a sale!!
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And check out this layout I did with the "Signature" Kit that will be released at the Relaunch:

Stop in for the fun if you can!


Nancy Comelab said...

I hope your MDM re-opening weekend was a huge success, Shannon! I told everyone about it on my blog as well! :) orry I haven't been in touch lately - will soon change that! I hope all is well!
Big hugs,

Holly said...

hey shan-
do you know this site? http://www.jpgmag.com/

I'm psuedo-addicted- it's great. I'm a big voting fan. And someone at work is subscribed to the magazines. While I'm too cheap to pay to ship it across the world... it sure is interesting!